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Old Canadian Joke

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:05 AM
This is one of those crappy jokes from long ago, but sometimes worth a chuckle.

During colonial engagements between the Americans and Canadians, one British General short on British soldiers, was forced to add french colonial soldiers to his ranks.
The General ordered one of these french soldiers over a hill to scout ahead. After waiting ten minutes for him to return, he decided he had better send a few more over the hill to look for him.
One minute later, one of the french soldiers came running back over the hill yelling "Bacontree! Bacontree!", a shot was heard, and the man dropped dead.

The British general decided he had better send a few more this time, thinking there may be a small American platoon on the other side. This time he sent 6 french colonials over the hill.
One minute later, a single french soldier came over the hill like before, again yelling "Bacontree! Bacontree!"... a shot was fired, he dropped dead.

The General confused by this, decided to send another 6 french colonials over the hill again, this time using only the best of the french soldiers to pick from.
Over the hill they went, and like before, one french soldier came running back over the hill. He collapsed infront of the British general laughing... once he caught his breath he spoke,
"Those idiots... it's not a Bacontree!... it's a HAMBUSH!"

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