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Can I make a site for my ATS presidential campaign?

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 06:35 PM
Me and another member of ATS have been collaborating through each other through U2U and we want to take our campaign out of ATS and even have our own site even if our campaign team doesn't win the elections. However, my campaign partner, is coming up with a site map. I was wondering, though, if I could create another site that is completely related to our campaign on ATS and it has its own views and its own theories, as long as it takes no content on ATS except for our goals for the election?

Also, the board will have its own talk for how we should deal with the other candidates, but under none of the content in our site, will we not have quoted posts from ATS members so we don't violate the copyrights of this community. We will write our own columns on the site.

So that being said, since everything on our site will be original, can we make it? We want to campaign on the site and take our campaigning out of ATS to allow for more discussions that are on topic here. And also-- it will be a place for our campaign team to state our political platform. We aren't "revolting" against ATS-- this is more of a site for us to talk so we can take this out of ATS. Will that be allowed under the rules? I already have some ideas for the site... and we'll make our advertisements that we show here over there... and also it's still in the planning phases, but I was wondering whether could co-create my own campaign site with one other member, without taking any of the content through ATS. I know the user thelibra has a site, so I think it should be fine.

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 06:49 PM
I belive something similar has been mentioned in DISC about this by Nygdan

Originally posted by Nygdan
I think that one way is to endorse a candidate, we can even bring them into DISC and they can use this place as a way to coordinate their campaign.
I have just post a link to this thread in DISC, you may not have to leave the site. hang tight you will get an answer

You might want to U2 Nygdan

[edit on 5/3/2007 by Sauron]

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 07:31 PM
This would be the format of the board

The top of the Site:

A. The Name of the Site
B. Pictures (Maverickhunter and 7Ayreon for Pres)

The body:
a. Talk about politics
b. A chat (we should hold a chat at select times and then keep a chat log)-- the place where we hold seminars
c. log in and log out list
d. a link to the list of members in our campaign
e. A link to our forum (we'll get to that later)
f. Columns-- each member in our campaign team must write columns for the site. We cannot slack a single day, and we cannot focus on any one subject too much.

The forum:
a. maverickhunter and 7Ayreon for 2007 campaign announcements- what our ideas are, nothing related to ATS will be in this section the title of the board will change and also we will write about our own ideas about politics and what needs to be changed in this forum.
b. a random insanity board (a place to be randomly insane when done with your job)
c. a board for the discussion of contemporary events
d. past events
e. a history board

(new section of the forum)
Video games and entertainment forum selection field:
a. videogames
b. movies and tv shows
c. sports

Would that be allowed under ATS rules?

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 07:45 PM
forgive me Mavererickhunter, I misunderstood you, thank you for clarifying what you mean, Good luck in your campaign,

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 07:58 PM
I know theLibra has one -

I can't see why not... but I'm not a mod or an Amigo so what I "see" doesn't mean much.

So.. um, yeah glad I couldn't help.


I don't see Anything in your proposed website that couldn't be discussed here.

I'm not a mod or an Amigo so what I "see" doesn't mean much.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 02:24 PM
Ah, thanks for the help. I didn't know that I could create one... I am working on a site with one of my friends here on ATS. All I needed to know was if we could work on one. Thanks a lot.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 02:32 PM
If anyone wants to create their own campaign site I see no reason for you to not go ahead. Get creative!

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