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A nation of stupid children

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 01:33 PM

A Nation of Stupid Children,
Who Refuse to Give Up the Lies

by Arthur Silber
March 3, 2007

By the age of eight or nine, most children realize that Santa Claus isn't a real person, just as they know the Easter Bunny and similar pleasantries are only make-believe, tales of imagination offered to add a bit of fun to the holidays.

The great majority of children give up these fantasies without experiencing emotional upheaval that remotely approaches serious trauma. Those very rare children fortunate enough to be raised by adults who accord them the seriousness and respect they deserve know such stories to be ones of invention from the beginning.

Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans – led by a relentlessly trivial and mendacious political class and a comparably anti-intellectual media – never approach again the psychological achievement of children who undergo this transition.
Like I say

It's funny how the current media mindset is against any form of intellectualism. If your an intellectual you are an outcast in the popular culture. I have a feeling there is going to be a coming "hell" to pay for this grievous mindset.

The article is essentially cenetered around the media and how it twists things to suit its purposes.

A tempest has been brewing today over something Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said while on CBS-TV's Late Show With David Letterman.

"Americans are very frustrated, and they have every right to be," about the situation in Iraq, McCain said. "We've wasted a lot of our most precious treasure, which is American lives."

The word "wasted" drew a sharp rebuke from the Democratic National Committee:

"Senator McCain should apologize immediately for his comments," Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney said in an e-mail to reporters. "McCain should also explain this poll-driven change in his tune. How is it that John McCain now believes American lives are being 'wasted,' yet he so stubbornly supports the President's plan to escalate the war in Iraq and put more American lives in harm's way? Clearly in looking at his sinking poll numbers, he really will do or say just about anything to win."
Why the sudden uproar?

Why the uproar? Isn't this much the same as the mainstream media and Democrats have been proclaiming for at least the last three years? Certainly. Yet,... they play to a confused and ignorant audience. Watch them demonize McCain now.

The guy who wrote the article seems to be on the side of the liberalized media, but he does bring a good point up in regard to the comment McCain made and the media's attention to it. It's funny, Mr. Obama made a similar comment and I don't remember it receiving much attention at all.

Barak said:

"we now have spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted." He quickly apologized, saying that "even as I said it, I realized I had misspoken."


Even with the apology, Mr. Obama obviously feels the way he does or else he wouldn't have said it was so.

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 03:46 PM
I figured the thread would have gotten some kind of response. Surely someone has an opinion on this.

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 05:45 PM
Good point. The hypocrisy shown when "one of theirs" says something as opposed to "one of ours" saying the same thing is pretty obvious! And the truth is that they're both right and nobody owes an apology!

I also agree with you that we're dumbing down the country's children. It's a set up. People who think, use their intellect and who logically figure things out are a danger to the controlling government of the future.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 08:45 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
Good point. The hypocrisy shown when "one of theirs" says something as opposed to "one of ours" saying the same thing is pretty obvious! And the truth is that they're both right and nobody owes an apology!

Uh,... I don't really agree that any of our soldiers lives are "wasted." That is what both essentially said. So, no, I don't agree with either one of them...

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 05:54 PM

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by pai mei

Thanks for the link..
I will watch when I have a bit more time..

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