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Very strange dream experience

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 07:21 AM
Last night when I went to sleep I had a strange dream that reminded me of some things I have read on here before from people claiming abduction.
I am not saying that this can explain abductions but maybe it can shed some light on some things. first off, yesterday I took two of my dads perscription Viccodons and I have done that before without this hapenning, but it could be of note. Also when I fell asleep I was very tired and exhausted.
The first thing about the dream that stands out is that I did not realise I had even fallen to sleep. I was assuming that I just could not fall asleep, lying in the darkness with my eyes closed. I still had full conscious thought and would occasionaly look over at my girlfriend and was aware she was lying next to me the entire time.
When I looked to my right there was a door made into the wall beside the bed that was wide open. I looked outside and it was night and I saw a forest in the distance with stars in the sky. I quickly closed the door and thought to myself that I didnt like that and it would be just my luck to see something like a UFO hovering over the trees. It scared me so I tried to get comfortable and forget about it. Then I started thinking about things and seeing images in my head like I do when relaxing to go to sleep and I thought about aliens. Again, I could have sworn I was wide awake and this was really happening. After about five minutes I suddenly heard something coming down the hall towards my room. It is hard to describe what the sound was but I felt panic and tried waking up my girlfriend.
I was shaking her, screaming her name and slapping her but she would not respond at all. I sat up and thats when I opened my eyes and realised I was dreaming. I felt very strange and confused and I have had some very real seeming dreams before, but not like this. I didnt know I even was asleep, it just didnt feel like anything but reality happening in real time.
My point here is that what if someone was stuck in a dream like I had but did not wake up when I did? What if I did see what was coming down the hall towards my room? Would it have been greys? Anyone else had something similar happen?

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 12:24 PM
This anonymous post is in response to ATS thread: Very strange dream experience

I have had similar dreams like that. I always try to shake myself awake which for some reason takes a lot of effort since i become paralized. The only thing i can move is my fingers . I think it might be related to Sleep Apnea, although I haven't done a major background check on that . But i have felt a 'presence' in my room a couple of times and heard voices, always male and I have heard my door being opened and someone walking towards my bed. I have 'felt' someone sit on my bed too. These usually happen when im about to fall asleep. I have to sleep on my side or I would have these 'nightmares'. My back always has to face the wall for I can't sleep the other way, I MUST face out. I'm not saying any of this is 'real' but it does feel like it. Then again, perhaps it is. I always get scared at night when I think of ufo's and ghost because I think ' if I think too much about it, something might happen' .

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 01:45 PM
...and I constantly find myself having very lucid / vivid dreams, only I dont seem to have control over the storyline that often, infact hardly ever.
I've had similar dreams to yours, but never about greys.
They always seem to revolve around disfigurmented people, kinda combinations of vampires and zombies.
These dreams concern me cause its often like when dreaming that I find myself trying to tell myself in the dream that it is not real, only my surroundings seem to ignore that plea... and well, it really should be me controlling the surroundings in the dreams.

Im sorry to say that I cant remember last nights dream, only short glimses of it. But I can tell you it was horrific. To be honest I cant remember that last time I dreamt something nice like green meadows and enjoying whats happening.

I'll try to account what happens tonight and see if anything like your dream will occur.

Interesting, yet scary account you made OP....

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 02:00 PM
I used to have experiences where i found myself opening my eyes in my sleep and it still being dark and opening my eyes again in layers until i realized i was asleep and would not wake up no matter how many eyelids i had to open. Would turn into nightmarish struggles spinning around in my body it seemed as i floated in this darkness. Felt my heart heart. I think it was a heart attack but I do not know but was always struggling to accept the outcome. Then tearing my body out of my body. This was the time i really wanted to try and astral travel, and would try bbut no avail, so most of the times i would dream about it vividly. I would be out of my body and it would feel painful Id sit up, and feel any further out i would rip out of my body and die and not be able to wake. Sometimes id be shot out of my body and hit the wall and crawl up and down the wall on fours crying scared. sometimes i would even fly up off my deck and fly high until i saw water below me, id fly sometimes over it. seemed i was looking at floods, because houses were under and yards too. Was a long time in my life that i had these experiences in my dream until i consciously tried to recreate the experiences, then they slowly faded and now they no longer happen. I sometimes wish it would, but inside the dreams i was terrified and pushing further was almost me accepting never waking up so i do not know what to think, except that outside of it i want to see further inside i am terrified to even risk a further step into the void.

Though this is not really anything to do with your experiences, but somewhat yes, because the body is tired, but your mind is not. So now your brain is making reasons, and creating responses, and situations for you. Like when you suddenly wake and feel like you fell. Your body was so relaxed, the brain only registered that the body went limb and does not feel any support below so it makes a reason for it. Makes you believe your falling until you wake and imediately feel the bed below so you only recall the brains quick reaction in recalling a fall. The brain can also make you hear and even see things and interpret them as if they are actually present in your current environment. It will make a reason. when someone is exhausted and dehydrated they may see illusions\mirages. it is just the brain saving energy. easier to see what you think\want than it is to see what is real sometimes. hehe. i am no scientist, nor do i claim this all to be 100% fact and reliable, but it all has been stated in one context or another purtaining to the same issues. (tv, books etc etc).

now that this is not E.T. encounter some beings if they are able to tap into the psyche can affect these parts of our bodies they would for their benefit\agenda if it was their nature.

posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 02:48 PM
my dreams have changed for the more bizarre ever since i started practicing autogenic training

(according to Wikipedia,
'Autogenic training is a term for a relaxation technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz and first published in 1932. It usually involves a series of sessions in which the patients learn to relax their limbs, heart, and breathing. The goal is to induce a pleasant, warm feeling throughout most of the body and induce a feeling of coolness in the forehead. The technique is used against stress-induced psychosomatic disorders.')

into my practice of AT i included an affirmation that basically goes My Memory Is Getting Better and Better (being a student i need all the grey matter i can activate and then some)
after a month of this, my dreams took a very strange direction

in one of them a strong light came through my window and i saw myself laying in my bed, facing the wall and knowing something else was in the room.
this was not a sleep paralysis but a dream because i managed to wake up.

another one was very awkward and unsettling,
again me in my bed,
this time there was no light,
again a presence i felt was behind me,
stroking my spine with something that felt like a hand holding something which caused a very unpleasant sensation,
like an electrical current on the surface of my back,
when i woke up i could still feel some of this 'electricity'.

these dreams have become very persistent yet i never dare to turn and look at the presence in the room.
i feel capable, not paralyzed, just frightened to face 'it'

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 10:27 PM
Thanks for sharing your dreams everyone, very crazy stuff.
I have not been able to stop thinking about that dream and wondering what would have happened if I didnt wake up when I did.
I remember a female member here posting storys of abductions and when she was taken she described pounding on her parents to wake them up but they could not be woken. That is exactly like what I experienced with my girlfriend last night, and to be honest if I would not have woken up when I did and things went any farther I might have believed it was 100% real and not a dream.
I have never thought so clearly and acted so awake when having a dream before. It freaks me out.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 05:44 PM
...cause I cant seem to wanna go to sleep.
I know I promised that i'd try to write down last nights dream, but to be honest I dont wanna remember it. The only thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the night next to my girlfriend after a nightmare, and it was like the dream came out along with me, ie. the last thing I remember "seeing" in the dream was the first thing I saw when opening my eyes in fright.
What I saw was like one of those annoying scary movies shots where the ghost/zombie/thing comes right up in your face and goes "waaah" or what ever comes close to that. It was darkhooded, greyish face and kinda leaning in over me. The image lasted for a sec maybe less, but enough to make me jitter after opening my eyes. Look shortly at my girlfriend and then back into the room and we were alone. She didnt even wake up...

I attribute this to my mind relaying delayed imagery after waking up and making me believe it was still there with me. Well, atleast that comforts me a little

Besides I constantly find myself freaking me out with scary movies, so I guess that would leave something to be processed during sleep?

Anyways, gonna go kiddy tonight and leave my lights and the tv on. Atleast then there wouldnt be so many shadows in the room to play tricks on me...

Keep feeding this thread with dreams and sleep experiences. Its interesting...

EDIT: uff :S could see my post was getting a bit off topic...
Im sitting here trying to come up with reasonable explanations, but nothing seem to conclude.

Has there been any other threads which discusses a mix of sleepwalking and dreaming? I have never to my own knowledge sleepwalked, but what if a person who is walking is receiving 50/50 of both worlds? That would imo lead to a very scary experience? You'd have the parts of your dreams projected into your real world in seamless layers. So your actions would be those of your dream while you actually still lie still in bed or looking around, but at the same time the entities in your dream would melt in with the real world surroundings creating a very lifelike encounter.

Could that be what you, OP, experienced?

My god... now I surely cant go to sleep again :S

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 07:39 PM
the other night i think i experienced sleep paralysis but i am not sure it was so weird... i was dreaming that i was fiddling around with my xbox on top of my receiver, but then i realized 'hey thats not right...' and then woke up from the dream, and found myself fiddling with the xbox which is in actuality next to my tv, not the receiver. but the thing is, i was still dreaming, so it was like a dream within a dream i think. and then i woke up and felt a presence in the room... i couldn't tell if it was real or my imagination but if it really was there, i was being scared of the unknown... i remember looking to the side of my bed as i sensed it and then in a hallucinatory dream state saw a shadowy figure... not a shadow exactly i cant describe it but it just vanished as soon as i looked over. and at one point it felt as if my legs were being lifted off the bed... i asked myself if i was doing this, but i knew i wasnt. my legs were just that, lifted a few inches off the mattress... i was on my back and was scared to do anything... scared to get up, scared to roll over, scared of seeing something i didn't want to see.. heck i even tried to do the thing that out of bodiers do, like travel the astral plane or something but i was scared of that as well. real or not, it was definitely really weird..

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 10:43 PM
I have been theorizing and I believe that there must be an area between the physical and spiritual realms that can be accessed when inbetween the wake and sleep state. If someone can feel something depress the matress when sitting on it like a poster above stated, then logicaly something had to sit on the matress. But its not there a second later when coming to full consiousness, so it had to be imagined, right?
I have had many spiritual experiences in my life that I have posted here on ATS, ranging from demonic to angelic and some very amazing dreams. The event of the topic here was something I had never experienced before and I pray will never happen again. I was not just a run-of-the-mill dream.
The alien abduction experience clearly crosses the line between physical and spiritual when someone can float through their closed window but come back with scars and implants. I wish I had a camera mounted on my cieling so I could see my behavior that night and if I could pick up the sound that was coming down the hall.
All I know is that something real was happening to me on some unknown level and what was going to happen next I am glad I was spared of. Again, thanks for sharing the experiences and mabye we can come to a conclusion on what the hell is going on.

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 09:09 AM
I have never heard of other people having these kinds of experiences, least not that many people. Coincidentially I was listening to a podcast called 'Mysterious Universe' and (im listening from episode 27) he talks about 'old hags' and 'shadow people' which is what were talking about. These people have seen what appears to be shadows in their room or at their bedroom door and have had an evil laugh. Which reminds me of having gone through that too. And heard the male -and although I heard and understood what he said while i was in that state, I couldn't remember when I was awake but i know i was scared and he wanted me to go w/him. I'll be honest and said for 3 episodes he has talked about these things ( from peoples emails) i didn't listen to all. Scared the crap out of me...

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 05:32 PM
its funny how i came across this thread i have recently been haveing the scariest dreams exactly how you described ledo the one about the presence you feel behind you and the electricity you feel. i feel it it my whole body and its almost like adrenaline its almost like there is some kind of ghost hunting me in my dreams. i had another one with the mysterious presence two nights ago and this time is the first time i saw the presence it had no face just a black figure and it grabed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall and then i woke up dude it was some freaky stuff i dread going to sleep latley cuz im sick of having these dreams. im glad i came across this post though it makes me feel better. i thought i was goin crazy

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 06:15 PM
sorry to hear you experienced something similar, it is downright scary. just remembering it causes instant dread in me.
as you said it yourself, we're together in this, just remember it if it's of any help to you

and my take on things is to set things straight by getting angry and thinking Get OUT OF MY ROOM, GET OUT OF MY SPACE, STOP TOUCHING ME.
i find this helps me to regain some control over the intense fear.
whatever it might be, the feeling of a presence behind me i can rationalize and say to myself this is just a sleep paralysis like many others i had read about,
but the electrical sensation in my spine truly hurts and i do not know what to make of it.

hope you'll sleep tight tonight and reclaim your ZZZs, don't allow anything or anyone bossing you over those..precious stuff, the ZZZs

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posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 07:19 PM
Taking vicodens can really mess up your dreams. So be aware of what you do before you fall asleep.

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