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government silencing people...and keeping secrets from us...look here

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 05:04 PM
Well i was on yahoo answers and i typed in secret technology, alot of stuf came up on government secret weapons and technology. I went into one question and started reading the comments. One comment stuck out more than others by a guy named Richard W.

his comment was:

All of the above. I have personal been a target of these weapons and
have observed anti gravity air vehicles. " Stars In the Night" they are
called. Unfortunately these weapons are being used to torture american citizens who know about illegal activity of this government.
Yes! this government it torturing citizens on US sole.

Its funny what he said the government was targeting him, well i also clicked on him to see if he had any questions or answers but the results showed he had none..ooooooooooooo

check him out;_ylt=Ar.FqdhOCrkPXBAO93Zp504jzKIX?qid=20061115150813AATbI0R

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