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Possibilties Within Ourselves

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 09:33 AM
I love reading a variety of factual and non-factual and science fiction/science-fact-ion.. If we did not dream, we would never move forward, right?...right!

I entertain the idea of alien/UFO encounters with an open-mindedness that may even reach naivety, but what can I say...I am a dreamer at heart.
Look at technology over the last 50 years, and you will agree that it is growing at an exponential rate! Currently, it is doubling every 3-6 months as far as computer technology goes. When you buy a new computer, it is sort of like buying a new's nearly out of date already when you buy it.

Now, with all this technology that we, the general populace can get, what of the miltary people and science/physics communities?? Would it not make sense that the vast majority of sightings be our own creations?? Technologies applied to the aircraft industry for example, that even if we witnessed it, we could not begin to understand it.....therefore making it, "alien" both in our minds and by definition.

Seeing "greys" or whatever other species are maybe out there is another thing of course, if you are of the major minority to claim to have witnessed them. But, I just scratch my head at the possiblity that many of the things we cannot explain are actually our own experimental and maybe even applied technologies being witnessed....but just not understood. I just think we should give ourselves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to our greatest minds in all countries. Maybe they have technolgies thats are so far out there that when we see them we subconciously and automatically put them into the category of UFO's???

This is not intended to start a quarrel at all, just an open discussion of your thoughts, concerns, and impressions!

Peace to all....Mondogiwa

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 11:58 AM
By definition, UFO=Unidentified Flying Object

Since most people don't know where they originated from or who created them I think the term "ufo" is most appropriate! If they are terrestial or extra-terrestial that is a different story.

It would make sense if at least some of the ufos are of terrestial origin given the alleged extra-terrestial crashes in recorded history and possible reverse engineering as alleged by Bob Lazar and others!

Still I think the majority are probably extra-terrestial because I don't think any country has managed or is capable of mass producing them.

Further speaking certainly not all ufos are all ufos(terrestial or extra-terrestial). In fact, Mufon says probably only 5% are actual ufo sightings. The rest can be explained in other more conventional ways.

My personal opinion is that Mufon is very conservative with its figures and people are given much less credit than they actually deserve! We may all not be physics or scientists but most people can judge a ufo from a ballon or plane(even when intoxicated!).

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posted on Mar, 3 2007 @ 12:27 PM
I agree with SocialistAgenda. Not all of them are extraterrestrial and that some are back engineered technology or maybe even inter-dimensional . It goes back to the idea that we are sitting in a little corner of space, and we have all these billions of star systems around us. It is impossible to say, yes impossible, that out of all these billions of star systems, there is not one planetary system that can support life. The reason being that all these assumptions are based on Earthly physics, at least what we were thought to understand, and we really don't know how biology is affected on other planet's physics. They assume how biology here on Earth will be affected on another planet only. The "experts" say that all lifeforms here on Earth are carbon based, so all evidence of life in the universe should be carbon based as well. That kind of thought is wrong, this is a time I find common sense more useful than the "experts". As far as "UFO"s" go there is no doubt in my mind that they are both ours and theirs.

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