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ATTN: American Riflemen

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posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 03:23 PM
from another site:

This has been started by a member of the guns network. It is now called the I2AC or the Internet Second Amendment Coalition.

It is an awesome idea. I revolves around the Zumbo Effect. The fact that we all unified and received a very quick and decisive action showed most of us what we have to do to win, and that we Can win.

Please check it out. here is the thread that started it

and here is the new official I2A Forum.

Basically the goal is to determine specific important targets in the battle to win back and keep our 2A rights. Then hit them in a unified organized manner.

I had a thread like this on another board and even though over 100 people were ready to take part. The administration cant see through their personal problems with the other site to help their members fight. So the thread was locked.

This bothers me to no end as all of our beloved sites would not exist if it were not for our More Beloved 2A rights.

I have no interest in bashing sites for their choices. I really respect anyone that can do what it takes to keep one of these running.

However, I feel it is my moral obligation to fight until I can no longer fight and I will fight with my brothers who are also willing to fight, however I can.

The AK Forum has been incredible in it's response. It was the first to send me an email re: fight the AWB in some way. It was also the first to dedicate a whole forum.
This sites owners and admin should be praised

Because of this I know that you all will appreciate what Ezra has done by setting up this new forum.

I just want to reitterate, that I am only posting the link to this site beacuse of the I2A forum and how importan this can be if we make it.

As a new member here I don't want to ruffle any feathers. I don't know who else has problems with who, I just want us all to keep our arms for the rest of our lives.
Aim to do At least One thing to support the Second Amendment every week.

If you are an american who enjoys your Second Amendment, or if you care about the will of our founding fathers, then please take the time to help support our freedom.

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