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Evolution of remote viewing.

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posted on Mar, 2 2007 @ 11:59 AM
I have another thread but this is different subject matter within RVIng, I hope no one minds.

If anyone has downloaded via emule the interview ingo swann did on coast to coast a while back he struck some point of great interest to me.

1) Pat remote viewing research has been done to be able to connect to persons to cause harm or as Col. John Alexander mentioned the research of the ability to send messages (person to person) to affect them. Example would be a terrorist and send him a message from God or the like that this wrong. Or as Col. John Alexander put it, to be able to neuter a threat. So a reprograming. Back to Ingo he spoke of research on causing Brain Damage. Related on Occultforums there has been little talk of an extreme theory of soul swapping via out of body. Or at minimum being able to control a person remotely. Controlling a person remotely has been talked about by many remote viewers and if I recall Col. John Alexander. That comes down to a perfect secret weapon, ethicly wrong but to have a person do bidding that would not be allowed in an open op program, i.e. assisnatiosn etc.

Anyway very curious about this, so please comment what you think and know of course.

2) Was Ingo in the interview mentioned people becoming very uncomfortable with telepathy. He stated how it becomes a threat of power. From being an employee to being able to acsess the thoughts of your leaders, thus personal motives etc I would assume continuation of this research would be banned or at least very limited.

Again my point of the topic is to see what you guys know and feel about it. Also any personal experiences are always a plus!

posted on Mar, 7 2007 @ 11:35 PM
Possession of someone's body requires the host to be in a weakened state of mind. This is one factor that cannot be ignored. You can research 'possessions' and 'exorcisms' for plenty of examples. Notice how it is consistent among all cases?

However, reading minds should be easier since it is like tuning a radio to the correct frequency. People (includes government agents) normally broadcast their thoughts and feelings every day. Telepathic eavesdropping is a threat to power and there is nothing they can do about it. Anyone with enough desire & training can accomplish it. “They” already know this and it is in their best interest to keep these subjects a matter of ridicule.

I have personally experienced spontaneous & controlled (limited) telepathy but never seriously tried to develop it further. Based on my personal experiments; its properties are similar to radio waves except for its lack of obvious spatial limitations. This leads me to believe it is an inherent ability within everyone and a form of energy yet to be fully understood.

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 09:31 AM
Hi yeht!
Let me know if you're interested in participating in some way with this simple practice RV technique. We can post our results and so on in this thread if you want to but I really would like to get a group of us together here to participate in some simple RV practice sessions.
If someone wants to act as monitor for our next practice session, please log on and reg. to the site above and post a new target # here.

You can go ahead and view the photo associated with that target number and save it or take a screenshot of it to keep in your files. You also need to make sure that target number is included with the photo.

Then post that number here and we will try to RV what's shown on that photo. You, the monitor, will then show us that photo later to let us know if we were successful or not.

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