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(WHNWC) The Night Auditor Part 3 The End

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 07:30 PM
Elkhorn avenue in Estes Park was the main drag in town. Twards the west end of the town it held shops allong both sides of the street. Every summer the road would become completely congested with traffic. The most popular hang outs were The Wheel Bar and Lonigans. Both were the primary stoping points for most of the local workers after a tough day on the job. These two bars mostly catered to the locals even though tourists were of course welcome.

Training the young gothic girl was relatively easy to do. She was intelligent and professional to the guests. The transformation from her normal black and red clothes to professional office attire was effortless and she was actually a striking woman when dressed normally.

Personally she was a typical gothic girl she had decorated her dorm room door with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac pictures that they had downloaded off of the internet. She also bought a stuffed bunny and ripped the head off of it and nailed it to the front of her door. Inside her room she wrote all over the walls in black sharpie. She then bought a rat and named it Precious. All together she was an odd girl but the night auditor was glad to have her in his life.

There was also the added bonus to the night auditor of being able to engage in some rather risqué and risky activities with the new woman in his life. Each night a new room, each night a new place in the hotel to have each other. There was not a place in the Stanley Hotel that was not defiled by the two young people, from the old Stanley Steamer in the lobby, to the old 1909 Otis Slide Box.

Eventually the night auditor would take nights off away from his job. It was as if he had been freed from a jail sentence. He started a poker night in his dorm room on his nights off and sometimes he would join the management staff in the bar for drinks when he woke up.

The gothic girl’s birthday came around and to show his appreciation to her he rented a limousine and took her to the Gold Hill Inn, for some fine dining. She was amazed at his thoughtfulness, and aroused by the romance of the evening. The night auditor was given a reward of fellatio in the back seat of the limo.

On the nights that he worked alone he would go about his normal routine; however there was a noticeable missing entity at the bar when he would go in to converse with the spirits of the hotel. F.O. Stanley was noticeably missing from the group. In the back of the night auditor’s mind this concerned him but he blew off these thoughts and this strange disappearance from the one ghost that was not bound by memories of a tormented life.

As time went on the night auditor noticed that the joy he once had was fading and he also noticed that the other employees were starting rumors behind his back. He was becoming more and more unhappy in his work. It was also becoming a strain on his relationship with the young gothic girl. She eventually quit her post at the hotel to return to Denver. The night auditor was once again alone. He no longer had the contentment he once enjoyed at his job. He was starting to slip into a downward spiral.

The hotel had a nasty reputation for having a high turnover rate for employees. The night auditor was one of the longest standing employees at the hotel and he had felt a sense of accomplishment and safety in that fact. Now however his comfort with his position at the hotel was shaken.

One night while the night auditor was working a woman had checked in and was staying on the fourth floor in room 420 she called up the night auditor to ask if there was any person available to give her a massage. The night auditor was feeling alone and weak and with further pressure from the young lady he decided to leave the front desk to go to meet with the woman.

When he met the woman she let him into her room, there were rose petals over her bed. She invited him to sit with her, after the massage she seduced him. He had just messed up a serious rule at the hotel but he thought that nothing would come of it. He went back to the front desk in time to meet up with one of his friends that worked at the hotel. He recanted the whole story to his friend, they both shared a laugh.

The joke wasn’t funny for long. The night auditor received a phone call from the local police department; they had a report that someone had been raped in the hotel. The night auditor was shocked and dismayed at this, and he had to defend himself from this horrible accusation.

The police knew the night auditor for a long time; they knew that he would never do such a thing. They questioned him openly and honestly about the charges against him. After a few days of questioning they asked the night auditor if he would be willing to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. The night auditor agreed and the detectives drove him to the police department in Loveland Colorado, the nearest polygraph testing location. Estes Park being a small town could not afford nor did they have a need for a full time polygraph technician.

The night auditor was asked a series of very intimate questions some of which was directly related to the case, the other questions were rather irrelevant but the night auditor had nothing to hide so he agreed to answer the questions.

The test was hard on the night auditor but he had passed it with flying colors. He had vindicated himself with the local police department which believed his story to begin with but had to do their job. The charges were dropped but the night auditor was unfortunately fired from his post at the historic hotel.

In the end the night auditor knew he betrayed the spirit of F.O. Stanley and disrespected the hotel that the spirit loved so deeply. The spirit could not fire the young man but had set up a scenario to lure the night auditor into a trap that would cost him his job.


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