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Receiving Error Msg

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 02:21 PM

The webpage cannot be found
HTTP 404
Most likely causes:
There might be a typing error in the address.
If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:
Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.

Go to and look for the information you want.

More information

This error (HTTP 404 Not Found) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found. It's possible that the webpage is temporarily unavailable. Alternatively, the website might have changed or removed the webpage.

For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

I have previoulsy posted this and the thread was moved into the 'Complaints' thread....where it belongs.....the only problem is when I attempt to enter that thread, I get the above message.

The only way I was able to create this thread is by going into an existing one and then pressing the 'new thread' button....otherwaise I receive the quoted message above.

I have zero access to the ATS site but I am able to access PTS and BTS.

When I enter my 'favorites' thread, I am unable to access any previous thread.

Mods, please provide any suggestions by U2Uing me...I seem to be able to access those still.


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