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Interesting twist RE: BBC & WTC7 via ANON post

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 05:03 PM

Original Anonymous Post By: anon_98705
This anonymous post is in response to ATS thread: BBC News Reports Building 7 collapse 23 Minutes before it collapses.

The BBC Desk Anchor reports that they just got word a few moments ago that the President is "expected to be heading from Nebraska back to Washington".

We know that Bush left Offutt AFB in Nebraska around 4:30 Eastern Time.

We also know from CNN chronology that WTC7 was reported to be on fire and evacuated at 4:10.

The collapse of WTC7 was at 5:20.

So either the BBC was 30 minutes late on reporting when Bush was "expected to leave Nebraska." Or they simple reported a collapse on the news of the fire and evacuation.

I think it is likely that they got the reports that the building was on fire and evacuated 20 minutes before they got reports the president was leaving Nebraska and they incorrectly reported the building as collapse when clearly it wasn't. That is why the BBC report is 20 minutes early and why exactly 20 minutes later they are reporting the President has left.

This is a twist to the story that I hadn't seen brought up before.

Any thoughts?

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:22 PM
Something like this usually looks to ME like the right answer.

BBC reporter, in on conspiracy - handed a report that they were about to demolish WTC7. Reads it on air. Tries to call it a mistake but oops! Too late! Shouldn't'a handed the top-secret plan to a BBC reporter in front of a camera reporting live via satellite... Now we'll have to "lose" all or footage, and help google video "lose" all its copies of this part at least five years later...

I'd llove to see the video - is it voiced over at all? etc. Can't decide 'til I see that, but all links keep dying, right? Wow, what a lightning race this is... i lost.

It looks like the BBC may be in on the 9/11 (disinfo) conspiracy after all.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by Caustic Logic

It looks like the BBC may be in on the 9/11 (disinfo) conspiracy after all.

Or misinfo conspiracy. This seems like just another "trap" to discredit CTers and distract from the real questions.

My guess is that they'll say the reporter was standing in front of a green screen (she looked like a weather man pointing at a weather map) and the excuse/explanation is going to be that a pre-recorded video was playing, not a live shot.

Of course this doesn't make sense, but it will make enough sense to the mass media and the debunkers to use it to label all the CTers kooks for even thinking the BBC had a heads up on WTC7.


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