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Life, the Universe, and Everything... almost

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 01:24 AM
Life, the Universe and Everything (a work in progress)

Okay, here it is, a complete explanation of Everything.

The Beginning

In the beginning there was perfect singularity.
No difference between space, time, dimension, etc...
Just one perfect point of stillness content and perfect in its eternal stasis.

Because there was no time or space or intention or mass, the cause of distortion is unclear, but there was a distortion to the perfection, and that first distortion was desire. The desire to know, experience, taste.

At that instant, that first distortion created a chain reaction of more complicated distortions, splitting the singularity into a multiplicity resplendent with the physics of our known Universe and the physics of all other universes.

This great chain reaction, caused by the desire to know, then created all possibilities for the expression of this desire - every possible way for this great charge to be carried out. An infinite array of probabilities and probability ratios. Times, spatial dimensions, quarks, electrons, atoms - mass, everything.

You could say that the original state was one of potential and that when that potential was realized, the first string split into infinite branches of other oscillating strings - all connected together, but seemingly separate, due to their presence in multiple quantum dimensions (10 or 11). The vibration of these strings therefore dictating the density of the whole. Meaning that the only difference between a molecule of Neon and one of Boron would be (eventually) the rate of vibration of the super strings making up the particles.

Back to the Big Bang. So, here you have this unbelievable outpouring of snowballing complexity. The Universe, the stars, the planets, etc...
And eventually, somewhere these objects, imbued with the one and first desire, begin to create their own distortions.
Take a planet for instance. A supposedly "dead" planet isn't at all without conscience, due to the fact that the strings making it up on the primal level, are those same strings that create our own sense of self, our own conscience, just expressed differently.

So here you have this planet and through intention, the creative energy of the big bang starts to change the vibratory rhythm of the strings in the area, causing molecules to marry and create new molecules, eventually leading, sometimes, to atmosphere, water, and after quite a while, the creation of even more complex organisms - life.

Through the continuing evolution of complexity, eventually on our planet, the human brain came into being. This particular conglomeration was laid out in such a way that we, as humans, are able to observe our environment using the 5 (or 6) senses.

Vibrations, Reality, Intention and Effect.

So everything is just the original, perfect singularity, only spread out and more or less complex. Or, everything is perfect, but expressed within varying degrees of different distortions. There are distortions that we call Love, hate, passion, trees, rocks – ‘distortion’ in this sense, is synonymous with ‘vibration’, or ‘frequency’.
The subjective nature of our ability to comprehend our reality is only an extent of the distortions through which we see, taste, hear, smell and touch them. Our thoughts and dreams are made of the same strings as our ‘hard’ realities, and by extension, they effect those realities.
The idea of individualized intention is what we can call a sub-distortion, it has a minimal effect on the collective reality. Kind of like when you blow on a brick wall. It doesn’t move, but a hurricane will destroy it like matchsticks. That’s the basis of the collective (agreed upon) reality. We unintentionally (or intentionally) cause the vibratory rate that the strings of our reality are oscillating at.

Morality and the path of the soul

The idea is ridiculous when viewed outside of our social structure. Morality is actually an inbred and nurtured set of rules and behaviors that have evolved over countless millennia in human (and animal) history to ensure the survival of the pack, group, or species.
In order to stay true to the one first distortion – that of desire or free will – all aspects of all possibilities must be played out by all individual organisms at some point in their journey back to singularity. We’ve all been, or will be, martyrs, rapists, kings, slaves, psychopaths, writers, murderers, molesters, geniuses, retards, etc… Probably we’ve all been rocks, trees, fish, mammals, etc… as well, because along with the evolution of complexity of mass (i.e. molecule to human) there is a necessary evolutionary process to the organization and concentration of the pure force, or spirit, that animates us.
The Law of One tells us that there are two main paths to end up back at the point of perfect, distortion free singularity, and those are ‘service to self’ and ‘service to others’ which are both the same thing, ultimately, but different in the way dramas are played out in various existences.
Those that concentrate their energies on the path of ‘service to self’ must work a million times harder to evolve their spirits than those dedicated to the other path, but there is no judgment, just choice.
Though we are forced to view actions, interactions, and events through the lenses of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in order to participate in and gain from society(s), in a Universal and para-universal sense, they do not really exist since the subjective experience is viewed by individuals on various plots along the axis of spiritual evolution.
Much the same can be said for the idea of time. We experience the idea of time due to the imposed constraints of our senses. We experience entropy, we experience cause and effect and we experience memory, but what is time?
When I was in 7th grade, I was in an advanced geometry class. The teacher was discussing the symbols used in the discipline, and at one point drew the classic line with the on one end dot (marking the beginning of the line) and the arrow on the other. She went on to explain that the arrow signified that the line went on infinitely and forever.
That’s when I had the epiphany that everything is both infinite/finite, impossible/ definite. How can an infinite anything have a beginning, an end, or be split in to factions? This confusion with the infinite line, of course lead to my consideration of the idea of Time, Infinite space, the Universe, and motion. Later I read Xeno’s theories about the impossibility of linear motion, and found that mathematicians and philosophers have been struggling with the same question since man could think.
So the soul evolves from perfection, through perfection into perfection. The only benchmark of status or hierarchy is the number or amount of distortion(s) present in the entity. The first portion of the process is to gain complexity of conscience through the lenses of much distortion, and then systematically lose those lenses, while keeping the experience and returning back to the One, or first distortion which is being, light, love.

What’s happening now – 2012

Along with the individual spiritual evolution, there is group, or planetary, evolution. Interestingly enough, this idea is a mainstay of mainstream engineering and science. Scientists, when gauging our technological, scientific, and cultural status, do so by comparing our abilities to the possibilities. By this, they state that there are different classes that a society can reach. For instance, a society that can create machines capable of exploiting, say wormholes, for extra stellar travel, would be considered a class 3 society, while we’re whiling away at the precipice of class 0 into class 1.
When viewed from a more esoteric standpoint, one could draw similar conclusions by monitoring the comprehension of the universal order by the members of a society. It seems that just as society and economy have seen revolutions (agricultural, industrial, etc…) which are heralded by complete shifts in the structures of the world’s societies, there are spiritual group shifts that herald earth shattering changes in the fabric of reality (or our perception of reality).
Ancient and modern prophecy tell us that just as we’re poised to take a huge technological/scientific leap, a spiritual upgrade is also in the process, the culmination of the shift being 2012.
I believe that a part of this shift will be the end of time as we know it. Our perception of time really is the basis of the structure of our reality. The confines of our time help to create the distortion of what you can call “the law of free will”. Think of it this way, why has there never been a psychic that is absolutely correct with every prophecy? Because it’s seemingly impossible to foretell events that haven’t happed yet correctly 100f the time. Not being able to know the future allows us the ability to make choices and own the results – free will.
Why, though, do we have remarkably accurate psychics? Because there really isn’t such a thing as “future” and our perceptions of time aren’t correct outside of our perceptions.
As we approach 2012, our perceptions of time will begin to mirror the more universal understanding of time/space physics. As we come closer to the evolutionary leap, all becomes known because we’ll begin to see that the effects of an action are more like dropping a pebble in a still pond. The ripples go in all directions – past, present, future.
(will continue the monolog when I have some more time)

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 02:29 AM
If all these prophesys of 2012, doomsday, armageddon scenarios all finally stop by than, perhaps it was all an ellaborate scheme to put an end to the "paranoid theorists"...? I mean we can't even predict weather accurately.


posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 06:43 PM
great post angst,
you share many of my beliefs and ideas i have also had, funny enough alot of what your saying about singularity is whats written in a new age spirituality book called "convesations with god " i have posted a link here of a few pages from the book that explain what your saying , also tke a look at some of my theries in these posts and also in the science post quantum braid theory, all these things point to a change in a immediate future , lets just hope it does happen in 2012 as my patience for change is growing thinner by the day

conversations with god link

my theories link

braid theory link

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