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When Religion Works..........

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posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 01:06 AM
I know many people are against religion, they consider themselves atheists, lets put aside the idea that atheism is in itself a religion and look at something.

Firstly i am agnostic, i would like to stae that as i think it makes me unbiased. I can accept that everyone is right or wrong.

I have met people who religion really works for, some were drug addicts who tried every drug program you can imagine, others were people who were just lost in life. I realised a while ago that religion works for some people and yet it gets really bad press lately, at least here in the UK it does.

Why do we feel the need to shout down any religious belief? If a religion helps someone live a life where they don't hurt anyone else, make the most of themseleves and help others then why should we have a go at it? It is of ocurse true that religions cause a truly stupid amount of suffering and turmoil, but actually in truth it is the pople following the religion and taking it literally that cause the trouble. Anything taken to extreme can be harmful and this goes for religion as well, also the people who use their religion as an excuse to hate for example gay people are just being stupid in my view. They are people who already hate gay people and use the religion as an excuse to do so.

Some people say that people who believe in any religion are actually weak people who are just fearful of death, i think this can be true in some cases but not all. Atheists could be said to be scared of there being anything after death for example. I think some people just need help getting through life.

In the end i think everyone should truly try to accept everyone and their beliefs, this doesn't mean tolerance it means acceptance. This doesn't mean you need to agree, just accept that they may be right and not be rivals. The amount of rivalry between religions is disgusting and stupid, afterall most religions state that you should accept your fellow man or be kind to others. I find it strange that religions that preach being kind to your neighbor should be so exclusive to who can practice them. Or even that other religions aren't welcome as people.

So what are your views?

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 12:43 AM
It would be nice if the world was nice and everyone could just accept each other, blah, blah. However this can never be the case.
As long as there is a substantial basis for strife, we as humans will pursue.
We fight over religion in particular because we want people to think like us, because as humans we need to belong, so really there is no escaping the sad fact that we cannot accept others with different beliefs, etc.

(I do agree with everything you said up there, just the last part is unattainable.)

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 03:51 AM
Well i dunno, i have never argued with someone over religion to much. I like to talk about it but i have never thought anyone is wrong because i don't have solid views on which religion is correct.

You are probably right that humans will always argue, i think maybe if we got rid of religion altogether we would still find something to argue about, although i think getting rid of religion is actually a bad idea as it really helps some people. Drug addicts are a good example of what religion can do, they try everything but religion eventually is the thing that saves a lot of them.

By saying though that we will never get it right means that we won't, it's like if you say you can't win a race then you won't. We at least have to really try right?

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