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Many soldiers not getting needed help, psychologists say

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 11:02 PM
For the wars that have been, and the one that is currently being fought. It seem's as though there is no alternate effect's no matter what station of life you are in or are going into. "War is 'Hell' " and every one seem's to loose a little bit of themselve's, whether you are the one deployed or the one's stuck at home waiting for your loved one to come home.
Please read this heart wrenching fact about the soldier's and realize it is happening to "Everyone" involved with this war.

One of the major problems is that four out of 10 “active duty licensed clinical psychologist” slots in the Army and Navy are not filled, a problem worsened by the dire need to send mental health experts into war zones, the report said.


"Now it turn's mental for the innocent and the arbitrator's a like."


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