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Sleep Wierdness

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 02:22 AM
Hey all,

This has been my second day at Pat's (Shadowyfoe's) house. We were talking about extremely logical thought processes when, suddenly, a part of my brain that I have never "felt" being used "opened up". I have been thinking incredibly, as though I have achieved a modified stage of enlightenment, having very philanthropic thoughts.

I remember the night before that I was beginning to dose off and was muttering random phrases, something like 'it should fit".

Today, we were chilling in Pat's room, and I dosed off.

I wake up. I ask, Pat, jokingly, if I said anything ridiculous in my sleep. He asks me what I mean. I told him that I fell asleep.

Just like in the EVP, he thinks I am screwing with him. He tells me that we just had a 15 minute conversation about the dragon program on TV at the time.

I remember falling asleep shortly after the program came on. He said that I was having an actual conversation, not just random sleep muttering. He said that he actually thought I was still awake.

I fall asleep again. This time, I remember getting hit by a pillow and waking up.

He asks me if I was screwing with him again. I tell him that I wasn't. He said that I was propping up my head and looking at the wall. Pat said that he called my name several times and that I was answering him.

I have no recollection of this, but I do trust Pat and I read on a Amazon book preview that sleep converations are possible.

Can anyone possibly explain what just happened?

P.S. I hope this is in the correct place.


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