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The Abductee Curse: "Messianic Complex"

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:53 AM
If you're listening to Coast to Coast right now, 0137 cst, there's a guy talking to Art Bell about how he is the "Emissary". He also talked aboiut how some great thing would happen when he was 50... and it never did...

THIS is what they do. They tell GOOD people that "they are the chosen one" and then give them all this information that sounds BELIEVABLE... then they give a time. A date. A PLACE even... for contact... and then nobody shows...

The person claiming this status... and, by the way, JUST GOING OFF WHAT THEY REALLY WERE TOLD... ends up looking iNSANE. And this isn't even b/c of THEIR story... it's because of the MENTAL effect of BEING WRONG. People follow the story, listen intentlly... and develop HOPE... only to have it DESTROYED. We BLAME the MESSENGER.


Watch out for it...

And make no mistake about it. There are CERTAINLY things in this guys story that WILL come true...

Have you noticed the whole HONEY BEE thing? HMMMMM... wonder who did THAT? LOL!

Tomorrow morning, I'll post the streamlink "location" of this example. I can ALSO post some examples of other abductees that are calling into Coast to Coast with stories that people don't even KNOW are abduction related... NUTS!



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