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Ghosts & Paranormal/Poltergeist Happenings...

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 01:06 AM
I have always had a feeling that ghosts do exist in one way or another but Ive always been skeptical about paranormal or poltergeist happenings such as inanimate objects moving on their own. Until recently in my studyof martial arts, power, and energy Ive come to wonder that if these ghosts and/or poltergeists are simply imprints of energy left by those who died in that general area or by high energy levels of the individual itself. I have read that poltergeist happenings usually take place when a family, usually with a male aged around 12 or older, is most likely to experience a poltergeist. What do you think?

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 08:36 AM
Re: ghosts: whatever the explanation (and I suspect there are several, depending on the situation) I am able to say that ghosts are able to 'track' their pre-death possessions through distances in excess of 1,000 miles and accurately locate them at locations unknown to them whilst they were alive.

Whether or not all ghosts are able to do this, or would choose to, I'm unable to say. However, I know of one clear instance in which this occurred, so it's possible it happens in other instances too.

(1) an item came into my possession: a very ordinary item of no particular value. The item was to remain with me on brief and temporary basis.

(2) I was provided misleading information re: the ownership of the item and/or I made an incorrect assumption regarding the identity of the owner. There was no deliberate deception on the part of the person who transferred the item to me: it obviously didn't occur to them to provide detail of the item's history. In any event, it technically belonged to the person who handed it to me at that time. As said, the item had no great value nor was it distinctive.

(3) the item remained in my home for perhaps a week, during which time it remained wrapped and pushed to one side.

(4) after approx. one week, the item was removed from its carton and was casually handled by me during a period of one or two hours. In that time, my mind roamed over a variety of personal, work, family and other thoughts. I paid the item itself very little attention.

(5) I set the item down and attended to other matters. During a lull in activity, I glanced up to see a stranger. It was late at night and the house was securely locked. The stranger appeared fully lifelike: was solid with good colour. This person looked exactly the same as living humans, except for the lower legs, which faded away to nothing from the knee down. It made no sound and simply looked thoughtfully towards the item mentioned above. I, likewise, showed no reaction at all and remained for the duration in some form of altered-state. After the apparition departed, I remained in an altered state for approx. 7 hours. All memory of those hours remains lost to me.

(6) the following day I was shown a photo. I was informed the individual had died suddenly several months before from unknown causes. The individual in the photo was identical to the stranger who'd appeared before me. I was informed this was the original owner of the item.

In the above example, we learn that a spirit/ghost was able to track its pre-death possession (the item) to my home, despite that (a) I had never known the individual when he was alive and (b) had never known of the individual's existence either before or after his death. Nor was I aware that the item had belonged to this unknown individual.

The item had no real value. It had no sentimental value. It was constructed of ordinary fabric.

It would appear that at least some individuals continue to have thought processes after death, sufficient at least to cause them to seek their previous material possessions and somehow locate them, wherever they may be.

The item in question had been removed from the deceased individual's home several weeks after his death and transported in a variety of ways (plane, car, truck, car, etc. all well in excess of 1,000 miles) and through a variety of hands and locations until the item came into my brief and temporary possession. The deceased individual had never known me or of me and had never been to my home.

It's clear therefore that the deceased individual's spirit or ghost retained cognitive abilities for at least several months after his physical death; some might say increased or enhanced cognitive abilities. For I doubt the individual whilst alive would have been able to locate the item as accurately using 'instinct' or guess-work.

This incident raises numerous questions and issues, for example:
* do the deceased realise they're deceased?
* are we wise to take items that previously belonged to persons now deceased, into our home -- or wear or use them?
* what empowers spirits/ghosts to be able to manipulate us mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically? I was placed in an altered state and rendered paralysed basically during the time the spirit/ghost was present and after it departed I remained in an unthinking, robotic condition for several hours
* are the spirits/ghosts of those who die 'suddenly' somehow different to those who die naturally and/or expectedly?

I have also seen (repeatedly) one of the 'imprint in time and space' type ghosts. It's appearance and actions were identical on each occasion. It also had no visible legs below the knee and also placed me in a brief altered state each time.

It's my suspicion that there are as many variations amongst spirits/ghosts as within living members in the community. Within any given community there are those of greater or less intelligence, also those of higher or lower moral values and endless variations in behaviour, spirituality, emotional control (or lack of it) etc. It's reasonable to believe ghosts are similar.

As to what constitutes 'life' (environment, laws, associations, reality, past-present-future etc.) for spirits/ghosts remains unknown to those of us still alive. There are those who claim to know but the truth is, no-one knows with any certainty, if at all.

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 05:40 PM
So, regarding my views on energy, do you believe that ghosts are energy left off from a powerful spirit, possibly explaining why some ghosts differentiate from others?

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 08:28 PM
If I may add my 2 cents worth for a moment (this is an interesting subject and one trhat has fascinated me since I can remember):

I've always thought that there is the body, then there is the "mind"; the thing that makes "us".

My thought is that after someone dies, most times, whatever makes "us" disappears to somewhere else in the universe, or into another dimension. This part doesn't disappear. What I think might constitute ghosts etc.. is this same energy somehow getting stuck, or concentrated to such an extent that its energy starts distorting physical space (as we know it) and thus renders what we see.

Whilst our solidity is due to the physical atoms and particles that make our bodies, what we see is simply light being reflected at different wavelengths and angles. If the energy of a person is great enough, I can't see why it too couldn't affect light (which is both a particle and an energy wave simultaneously).

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 08:20 AM
It's tempting to suspect, isn't it, that sufficiently powerful emotion and/or motivation on the part of the ghost results in manifestation visible to those of us physically alive.

In my earlier post, I related how the ghost of someone who'd died suddenly and unexpectedly (at a relatively young age) succeeded in locating one of its possessions temporarily in my home.

The connection lay between the ghost and its possession, not between the ghost and me.

It's my belief that the item itself was not important to the ghost, rather that it was attempting to work out what was going on ! And like a detective, it was tracking down its dispersed former possessions, similar to following a paper trail, in the hope that at the end things would begin making sense again.

Which raises uncomfortable issues, because you'd expect (wouldn't you?) that when we die, we at least receive some sort of de-briefing and/or explanations (about what had happened to us and where we were now). We would expect the ghost of the man I saw to 'know' that he'd died and that this was why his possessions were no longer sitting neatly as usual in his former-life dressing table.

We're surrounded by assurances that after we die, we move towards a light (with or without tunnel) and find ourselves amongst familiar faces in glorious surroundings.

So what happened in the case of the ghosts I saw, for example ?

Could it be that sometimes those who die suddenly fail to make the transition, mentally, from physical life to that of a spirit?

It's a possibility, but doesn't stand the test, because millions have died suddenly and unexpectedly (during major disasters, wartime, etc.) yet they don't all manifest in this dimension.

So what element within the after-death process that sometimes does and often doesnt', result in a 'ghost' ?

But then things take another twist, because sometimes ghosts who died natural deaths elect to be seen, often years afterwards and for no urgent reason. For example a friend told me her daughter had claimed to see the ghost of her grandmother in a field directly opposite where the child was playing truant from school. Initially, the parent thought the child was inventing the ghost in order to escape punishment for playing truant. But details provided by the child of the ghost's attire took the parent by surprise, because these were details unknown to anyone but herself. The clothing described by the child (who'd been an infant when the ghostly grandmother was buried) were distinctive and highly unusual for a burial. So there was no possibility the child could have guessed them, based on burials she'd read or heard about.

The grandmother's ghost did not speak and had no message to relay. She simply appeared motionless for a moment before vanishing.

That she would do so directly opposite her grandaughter on a day the child was playing truant in a location previously unknown to her, dispenses with any suggestion of 'coincidence'. We can therefore assume the grandmother's appearance before her granddaughter was intentional -- which indicates the grandmother, although long dead, was still capable not only of conscious decisions but was also able to pinpoint members of her family regardless of where they were and was able to appear and disappear at will.

None of which is news, of course: history is filled with such anecdotes. These are the things that ghosts do.

In addition, there are innumerable accounts of what sound to be 'frozen' ghosts: those who remain in one location and basically seem to be a form of tape-recording stuck in a loop. In those cases, there seems to be no conscious awareness on the part of the ghost.

The ghosts which claim the most attention are the 'scary' ghosts of film and legend: those which are consciously aware and intent on terrifying witnesses or bent on revenge, etc.

From all this, we realise there's no 'standard' ghost. Ghosts are as individual as we are. Which is reasonable, considering they used to be 'us'.

Mirageofdeceit's explanation re: the manifestation and/or reasons we're able to see ghosts is as valid as any other I've heard.

" Whilst our solidity is due to the physical atoms and particles that make our bodies, what we see is simply light being reflected at different wavelengths and angles. If the energy of a person (ghost) is great enough, I can't see why it too couldn't affect light (which is both a particle and an energy wave simultaneously)."

Although I'm unsure if RomanianDacianHun's query "So, regarding my views on energy, do you believe that ghosts are energy left off from a powerful spirit, possibly explaining why some ghosts differentiate from others?" is the answer, because it seems any ghost, powerful or otherwise, can -- if it chooses -- manifest before the living.

The 'tape recording' ghost I saw (the one which repeated the same actions, time after time) was the most timid creature imaginable. However, I feel the manner of its death (extreme shock and fear) made a paralysing impact on its senses. Even the ghost I saw in search of its possessions appeared bland and polite. And the grandmother ghost died peacefully in old age.

Now I've heard people claim that ghosts must obtain 'permission' from some sort of heavenly committee, in order to make themselves visible to the living.

I discount that theory, because if there were a governing committee charged with this sort of responsibility, then surely they'd be conscientious enough to also ensure that 'lost' ghosts were provided an escort after death instead of suffering the poor souls to continue wandering around the physical dimension, searching for their earthly possessions.

And what sort of committee would grant permission for ghosts to haunt/terrify the living ?

Our current knowledge inclines to a theory of randomness, where ghosts retain -- at least for some time (and this may vary with the individual) -- a consciousness similar to the one they had in life. It also seems our destination, after physical death, is far from certain. And it seems we do not become automatically smarter after death.

This isn't what people want to hear of course.

The mystery remains. Yet according to Matthew Manning, Myers informed him from beyond the grave that if we knew the truth, we'd find it all so amazingly simple as to be unbelievable.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 09:46 AM
After reviewing my last post, I realise I was trying to cover too much ground within the character-limit. So, to summarise:

RomanianDacianHun speculated that the reason ghosts manifest may be because they harbour powerful emotions and/or possess a more powerful than usual spirit. (If I've misunderstood you, RomanianDacianHun, please correct me.)

And in my last post, I was attempting to illustrate that this may not necessarily be the case, because although dramatic and frightening ghosts most often make the headlines, many accounts tell of loved-ones and family members who simply drop-by to nod or smile, or are anonymous ghosts that appear momentarily before vanishing again, leaving the witness confused and non the wiser.

Most of us die without ever bothering to manifest as ghosts, I imagine.

It's been speculated there may be a shelf-life for 'ghostdom', during which the ghost becomes more and more faded until it ceases to be.

Yet other ghosts retain their vitality throughout several hundred years, as was the case with the ghost of the farmer who appeared fully life-like before Matthew Manning and who (though dead for hundreds of years) nevertheless believed himself to still be alive and living normally. This was followed, reportedly, by the ghostly inscription of several dozen signatures and dates of birth and death on a wardrobe door within a locked room. Investigators subsequently discovered a number of the signatures belonged to villagers long-dead.

The ghost who appeared before Manning had owned the Manning home hundreds of years earlier. He was indignant to discover the Manning family living in it -- in much the same way we would if we discovered a family living in our homes. The farmer refused to believe Manning when he told him he (the farmer) was dead. The farmer thought Manning was the equivalent of a village-idiot for suggesting such a thing.

Manning told him the date (1970s) and the farmer laughed in total disbelief. When Manning told the farmer that the stables no longer existed and that motor vehicles had long ago replaced horses, the farmer lost his patience: what sort of fool did Manning take him for?

The house had been altered in the many years since the farmer lived in it. Yet on a few occasions, as Manning walked through the altered section, he found himself seeing the house as it had been back in the farmer's lifetime.

Now, it's one thing to suggest that ghosts might make themselves visible because of intense emotions, etc., but what explanation can there be for the ghost of a building becoming visible ?

It suggests the existence of multiple 'realities', superimposed upon or within each other, each with its own population which continues to existas it always did !

But this becomes mind-bendingly complicated.

Why, for example, didn't the farmer's dimension progress technologically (and otherwise) and eventually incorporate motor vehicles in place of horses, in the same way as actually did occur in our 'real' world?

What happened --- did the farmer continue running his farm, on and on, as he always had, without dying?

And what of all the other people in the farmer's life? Did they continue working for the farmer, on and on, without dying?

How can that be? In 'our' world, the farmer died a hundred years or more before the Manning family bought the farm. And between the farmer and the Mannings, the farm had other owners. It had been the other owners who'd renovated the building and changed it around.

Yet when Matthew Manning walked towards the kitchen, he felt a momentary strangeness and noticed the layout of the kitchen area looked different. He saw big old paving stones on the floor and noticed with surprise that doors and windows etc. were in different positions. He finally worked out that he was seeing the place as it had been over a hundred years earlier.

When Matthew encountered the farmer, the old man was dressed in the fashions of over a hundred years earlier and appeared a hale and hearty, confident man of means. Eventually, the farmer grew to like Matthew and gifted him with a number of 'apports' which emanated from the air. From memory (for I haven't read the book for over a decade) these included rolls of bread and numerous coins as well as a book (it might have been Mrs. Beaton's cookbook, I think). The book was delivered one page at a time ! The bread rolls turned out to be so old and brittle, they disintegrated. And the coins were genuine old coins from the farmer's claimed era and earlier.

The case of Matthew Manning (to be found in The Link) is deserving, imo, of energetic study.

So there's far more to all this than simply 'ghost stories'.

This is massive ! Yet as Myers said, it's also astonishingly simple.

And somehow it's contained within mysteries of Time.

So many directions grabbing for our attention as we struggle to get a grip on it.

* Could it be that rather than the narrow band of consciousness that we believe we operate within, we instead unknowingly and constantly surf a limitless ocean of alternate realities with the larger part of our minds --- while our narrow/limited band (brain?) anchors us in this, 'our' reality, 'our' currently-designated bit of Time and Space ?

Sometimes I have that 'tip of the tongue' feeling, when EVERYthing seems clear to me. But in the instant I attempt to render it comprehensible, the gremlins run their fingers through it and scramble it to nonsense on purpose. It falls to bits in an instant. It just can't be held together.

'Ghosts' may be nothing more complicated than someone's narrow-bandwith brain failing to follow the large 'surfing' MIND through to the next level after physical death. The brain (the hardware) still retains all the data it amassed during physical life, but for some reason, it loses its connection with the Mind (the software) when they both quit the physical body. So the brain, lost and without a rudder, meanders off into space like one of those beeping, redundant space-probes. Hmmmm? It could account for a lot, including ghosts.

BUT ..... I don't understand HOW or WHY the farmer's gifts of bread-rolls were stale by the time they reached Matthew Manning. Granted, they'd traversed over 100 years in chronological 'our' time. But ... why stale?

All thoughts and theories welcome, here :-)

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 10:01 AM

Originally posted by RomanianDacianHun
I have read that poltergeist happenings usually take place when a family, usually with a male aged around 12 or older, is most likely to experience a poltergeist. What do you think?


poltergeist happens mostly when there is a teenage female in the family specially when she has periods.


posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 11:15 AM
Trying to work back to a point in my last post. It's the part about the farmer living his life in what he thought was the Present.

In the farmer's Present, he walked into his own house and discovered a strange youth: Matthew Manning.

That's the equivalent of you finding a strangely dressed stranger in YOUR home, who informs you that you are dead and that it is now the year 2155.

You look around your home, and it looks the same to you. You're convinced you're right where you should be .... 2007.

The stranger tells you that your car is unimaginably obsolete. " People haven't driven cars for over a hundred years." says the stranger, "We 'think' ourselves immediately to our destinations these days." You privately believe the stranger is insane and ask him what he thinks he's doing walking through your home.

The stranger tells you that it's HIS home, not yours. " You've been dead for ages." he tells you.

So, like the farmer, you're at first annoyed, but finally the stranger begins to convince you (?)

And, like the farmer, you try desperately to restore your equilibrium. You get a gang of your friends and employees around to help leave proof of your mutual existence. For after all, if you are dead (as the stranger claims u r), then so are all your associates. But how can that be? You can see your friends and speak to them. They're as real as you are. So you and your friends go to one of the bedrooms in YOUR house, and you all write your names -- to PROVE you ARE here and alive.

But there's something quite endearing about this stranger who insists on prowling through your home. So you decide to give him a few gifts as a token of your esteem. You put some bread rolls and a few dollars in coins, plus a reknowned printed book, where the stranger will find them.

And THEN what do you do?

Perhaps you return to your normal life. You watch tv and have friends around for dinner. All as normal as pie.

The years tick by: 2020, 2035, 2051. You're growing old. So are your friends. Some of them have died.

So ok. It's 2063. You died yesterday. Your mind and brain cut adrift from the earth-station-body and drifted on to your next port of call.

Oh, hang on. Not quite. Because you have a rendevous to keep, don't you? Have you forgotten? You're supposed to stick around in order you can have those discussions with that stranger in your home in 2155.

Now we know you're going to keep that appointment, because you and the stranger DO have those discussions. We've listened to them. And we know the date they took place. As stated by the stranger, they took place in 2155. We have proof, in fact: the stranger detailed the means of transportation (and numerous other details not included here) common in 2155. Now those details were totally unknown in your day of 2007 ---- but they are correct in every respect with regard to 2155.

Yet when you spoke to the stranger in 2155, you were convinced you were solidly in 2007 and you walked and talked and dressed like someone from 2007 .... and you know for a fact it was 2007 because your friends were all there. Remember how you and they wrote your names and dates on the wardrobe door?

How did you get into that room, by the way?

Oh? You just walked in through the doorway, as usual? Well, why not.

How would you feel if I told you that doorway was locked?

Not locked from where you stood, you say? Okay.

Well, I don't want to confuse you, but that door was locked ... from the perspective of that young stranger in your home. To him, it was locked.

But, because I'm acting as overseer here, I can also confirm that from the perspective of you and your friends on the day in question, it was not locked. Same door.

Someone's been playing tricks on you, my friend. You thought you had been alloted three score and ten years: 70 years of life. And that's right, as far as your body's concerned. But what you didn't know is that your Mind is not and never was confined to your body.

In fact, it's highly probable that your Mind was/is operating quite a few bodies, all at the same time. Yep, it's been keeping its capacity and capabilities from you. It works like this: you are/were part of a Mind. That Mind is part of a bigger organism -- a bigger Mind, if you like.

Now, 'your' Mind has access to a lot of the stuff contained in this larger Mind and the larger Mind is actually part of an even bigger Mind. They all link up together: share and share alike. The information feeds up --- and it feeds down. By the time it reaches the level of Single-body-Unit, the conduits are fairly narrow, in keeping with something as primitive as a Single-Unit, so not a great deal gets through. And by the same token, the Single-Units don't feed a great deal of value back up.

BUT ... that's not to put the Single-Units down: they're learning and they contribute as much as they can.

So, when you had your conversations with the stranger in your home, you were two Single-Units working with what was available to you.

But there was one of those glitch situations there. They're reasonably common amongst Single-Units. What happened was: when the stranger was allocated his Single-Unit, some Larger Mind attachments became tangled and were sucked into the Unit with him. He actually has three connectors that indirectly access Larger Mind. Nothing major: just a bit of enhanced manipulation of Time Space debris. He hooked into some data-remnants of one of your 70 year assignments: the one you had in the early 2000s. For a while, one of your Pasts was talking to his Present. Simple glitch. He'll have quite a few of those before his own 70 year assignment is completed. But of course he's engaged in several Single Unit assignments simultaneously.

Ooops. Watch out ! You were nearly hit by a free-floating disengaged Brain. It must have missed the Pick Up. Look ... it still has it's coocoon attached; yes, that's right -- it's echo-physical-body, or 'ghost'. Almost indistinguishable from it's flesh and blood Single-Unit casing. I'd better call Patrol so they can come out and get him. If he drifts off across that dimensional-freeway, he'll get splattered.

Oh, don't worry about it. It's Mind is already redeployed in another Single-Unit. They only cause a problem when they try to return to their old Single-Unit location.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 11:41 AM
" Ooops. Watch out ! You were nearly hit by a free-floating disengaged Brain. It must have missed the Pick Up. Look ... it still has it's coocoon attached; yes, that's right -- it's echo-physical-body, or 'ghost'. Almost indistinguishable from it's flesh and blood Single-Unit casing. I'd better call Patrol so they can come out and get him. If he drifts off across that dimensional-freeway, he'll get splattered.

Oh, don't worry about it. It's Mind is already redeployed in another Single-Unit. They only cause a problem when they try to return to their old Single-Unit location."

I didn't get the Past/Present thing between the farmer and Matthew Manning worked out. Tried, but it slipped away from me.

But, with regard to the italicised excerpt from previous post (above), I guess you've gathered that the 'free-floating disengaged brain' loitering aimlessly through Space Time, complete with its 'echo physical body' aka 'ghost' is my sleep lagged interpretation of how a ghost may be regarded by those-not-of-this-earth.

It would have its 'coocoon' or 'etheric body' (?) complete with brain. For our brains are physical: they're flesh and blood. So if a ghost is a non-physical copy of our body, it's reasonable to suggest it also possesses a non-physical copy of our brain.

As such, that brain would know/remember everything that 'we' knew and remembered while we were alive.

It would also, presumably, come complete with what had-been our 'personality': for better or worse.

So it's reasonable to suspect that this 'copy' of us could continue whatever obsessions, grievances, griefs, loves, vows, angers, hurts, interests, etc. WE had engaged and indulged in, while we were physically alive.

It may even believe it was 'us'.

It may not realise it *IS* a ghost.

Of course, it would be cut-off from new stimulus, because at death, it would be disconnected from the non-physical Mind. At least I assume it would be. Otherwise, there'd be no point in Death, would there?

But, for quite a while, I imagine, this ghost could continue looking and sounding and behaving and reacting ........ just like it's original host or 'owner'.

It would be similar to a deserted space-station, floating without a crew, it's engine gradually fading.

UNLESS it was able to attach itself to someone or something !


(edited due to mistakes made while brain disengaged due to late hour)

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 06:04 PM
No, Dock6, what I meant is the difference in power between ghosts, which some are classified, Im not sure how many. How some ghosts simply just move things around or actually appear or speak is because of the ammount of power. So say a poltergeist may or may not be less powerful than an apparition because it might not have enough energy to make an appearance. Also, I remember a book that I had in which had a case of a young Romanian girl being abused yb an invisable entity. Witnesses said scratch marks would appear on her face suddenly and shed cry out in pain, or shed be choking and her neck looking as if it were being squeezed. Has anyone else heard this story?

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