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Al-Qaeda cares about Iraqi Sunnis, really!

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 06:02 PM

"A fuel tanker blew up killing 40 people, injuring 61, near a Sunni mosque in Habbaniya, Anbar province Saturday

February 24, 2007, 10:08 PM (GMT+02:00)

Local police said the mosque’s imam in the Sunni-dominated western province had criticized al Qaeda in Friday prayers. US forces earlier found a chemical weapons production facility using chorine used in two previous tanker explosions at an al Qaeda bomb factory in Karma, near Falluja.

In Baghdad, 20 loud explosions rocked southern Baghdad after nightfall Saturday. The cause is not yet known.

The facility in Karma, east of Falluja, was tied by an American spokesman to two explosions using chlorine that killed at least eight people in Baghdad and Taji earlier this month, sending scores of poison victims to hospital. At the Karma factory, US troops found five vehicles, mortar and artillery rounds, homemade bombs, propane tanks and three 55-gallon barrels of chlorine.

At the Karma factory, US troops found five vehicles, mortar and artillery rounds, homemade bombs, propane tanks and three 55-gallon barrels of chlorine."

(note the chlorine find and the new tactic seen of using chlorine bombs recently in the media)

So this is how Al-Qaeda in Iraq treat those Sunni Imams and Sunni Muslims living in Anbar that have more claim and right to that piece of sand than Bin Laden & Zawahiiri themselves.. if they go and speak the truth to the people about Al-Qaeda using their civilian homes and the lives of their family members as a "morality shield" to shelter their evil murder operations under in western Iraq.

Such a shame that so many proud Sunnis fall victim to that fake ideaological crap that Al-Qaeda feeds them. You realize they'd kill every Sunni muslim on Earth and run around with Hezbollah flags being cheerleaders if it truly helped their cause, right?

Al-Qaeda is Arabic for 'The Base', but I feel that is incorrect. I mean, lets be honest. We're always brutally honest about the Coalition forces, so lets be fair and tell the truth here. Al-Qaeda is so fascist , so against anybody doing anything beyond what the Taliban had going in Afghanistan pre-invasion (aka "sharia life" lol), that they have listeners in every mosque in the Sunni portions of Iraq. Just incase an imam says something truthful like "Al-Qaeda hiding amongst us is killing our families generations over", so they can report it and have one of their quick reaction 'chlorine truck bomb squads' blow the mosque up the next day.

the mosque. blown up. the next day. chemicals. sunnis being blown up. body parts of innocent sunnis being spread, blood spray. Falling to their graves in much the same manner as those in the world trade centers on 9/11/2001, and for what? for hearing an imam say something true? What a joke.. to think they have even a single supporter here (which is all they have but is sad in its own right) is laughable. No .. actually it's quite scarey some people subscribe to such murderous, evil ways. anti-godly, the opposite of god.

They should add something after 'Qaeda'. The real name is 'The Base of Civilian Bodies' .. then add the country applicable, such as Iraq or now Algeria and Tunisia the Maghreb..

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 08:18 AM
Al Qaeda...
Cares about all Muslim fundamentalists regardless of race, creed or colour of skin. Yes they have there differences but providing you hate western culture (“non Islamic” Taliban-Iran states) hate Israel, and hate Russia’s war in Chechnya and are prepared to die by committing acts of terrorism (so that the president of the United States can win elections and give you a reason to carry on fighting-recruiting) then Al Qaeda is definitely the thing for you.

The sectarian violence in Iraq...
Is hardly about Muslim fundamentalist verses Muslim fundamentalist (because “united in hate they stand”). It’s about secular-westernised Arab extremists verses “evangelical style Muslim Fundamentalists”.
What happened was is that when Saddam was removed from power law and order collapsed. The fundamentalist (mostly Shiite) Muslims started telling Sunni women to wear the veil or they would be e.g. disembowelled and to make the point that’s exactly what they did to a few women hear there and everywhere.

So people started to form their own neighbourhood security groups (even if out of fear they co-operated with the demands of Muslim fundamentalists on the surface). Inevitably these “neighbourhood watch” style groups quickly linked together (strength in numbers) and became very political (ideology units and emboldens the likeminded).
Due to the sorts of people attracted to security groups in the first place, the ideology of these security groups tends to be rather radical, and some people waged indiscriminate retaliatory measures against the Muslim fundamentalists power base (i.e. blowing up innocent civilians in the areas where the Muslim fundamentalists where most popular). They had over reasons too like “co-operating with the occupation”.

Anyway all this terrorism achieved was to cause more terrorism from the fundamentalists (who started the terrorism in the first place!). There is no stopping it because…
1. By being democratic the Iraqi government has democratically incorporated Muslim fundamentalists into the administration of government.
2. The fundamentalists would rather chaos and anarchy over a pro-western government, the secular people would rather chaos and anarchy over a Taliban-Iran style Muslim fundamentalist government.
3. The leadership of both sides (like the majority of Iraqis) (although not their government) want us out.
4. It only takes a few acts of terrorism to break any local ceasefire agreement. There are so many groups, as well as outsiders (sometimes backed by Iran) that expecting a ceasefire agreement is a bit like expecting to find cheese on the moon.

A Solution Above All Others?
If we want a purified collection of secular intellectuals as potential leaders, then they have a name, and that name is the Ba’th party. They are currently banned (for amongst other things wanting us out) but if we’re going anyway, and if we’re leaving behind a democracy that will build a Muslim fundamentalist state (60% of the Iraqi population are Shiites, so numbers are this outcomes side) then perhaps them wanting us out is kind of irrelevant?
A mix mash of “almost clinically indoctrinated” Muslim fundamentalists is no way to have a government capable of dealing with the problems Iraq must face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if the mix-mash is democratic or not; it’s still a mix mash.

A Few Differences Between Iraq and the West
A mix mash works in the West, but then just as children in the Middle East are told the Koran is a good thing, so children in the West are told democracy is a good thing.

The culture gaps between our peoples and theirs remains alien even when you consider the power of religion during medieval times. But these differences are there across huge chunks of Iraq’s population.
Yet so too is the solutions of the Ba’th party to counter act them. The Ba’th party may be a party of the minority, but by virtue of its ideology and members higher status backgrounds, it’s a political movement that has a history of ruling the majority; and would do again if only we supported this secular movement.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 08:44 PM
I agree with alot of your points, however, I am pretty sure that attack was not sectarian in nature, it was Sunni on Sunni violence.

It has been known for quite some time among intelligence agencies that the Baathists and Al-qaeda (and other member-groups of the Shura Council) are fighting over who has control over the Sunni populace, and who has their support.

Clearly this was a case of "dont speak badly of us in an area we call our own" or else we'll 'bomb you', and they put fear into their hearts.


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