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The Pentagon is the Key

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Whilst their is a mirriad of views and theories from all quarters its seems to me if we can work out what happened at the Pentagon then the Goverment line on the Twin Towers and WTC7 will be revealed as a cover up.

Unlike the Twin Towers which were sistuated in a heavily built up area the Pentagon is situated with a clear view all around the building. The official story that a Plane did a tight turning procedure and dropping in altitude to hit the side of a building of about 15mtrs high, and this amazing feet was done by people with very litte flying experience.

One would assume that the Terrorist on sighting the Pentagon which is a large building and therefore a large target would dive the plane onto the building creating a massive amount of damage and loss of life.

The whole ethos of Terrorism is to kill as many people as possible and cause as mush damage and disruption as possible. One would ask why these people who were not even good pilots would try such a highly skilled manouver to crash into the side of a building that presents the smallest target area to hit.

It is alleged that the plane was only a few feet of the ground and travelling at high speed, why would the Terrorists try such an attack profile, unsure that they may not hit their target so why not just dove the plane into the building.

Its patently obvious that a Plane did not hit the building, it was either a missile or more likely a drone painted to look like the passenger jet. One only has to look at other buildings that have been hit by large Jets. large concrete buildings are completly wrecked. This was not so with the Pentagon, the damage caused by the alleged jet was fairly limited.

The hole's that were blasted through several walls could not have been done by the jet, only a missile design to punch through buildings could have caused such damage.

The official story states that the plane just vaporised due the high temperature yet DNA was obtained from all the persons killed. How can a large Jet be vapourised but human bodies survive the inferno and provide DNA for identification.

If the official story falls at this point then the rest was done not by Muslim Terrorists but Terrorists of a different nature. Most probaly Mossad and American personnel.

The film footage released dose not sahow a large jet hitting the building, for those who say the jet was moving too fast to be filmed is a lie. Many jets have been filmed crashing into buildings, other jets etc. the footage of these events clealy show the incident.

If the Pentagon hit was acted out not by Terrorists then the only explanation is that the Goverment was invovled and therefore behind the other attacks.

Bush, Neocons and the Israel's wanted an excuse for war in the Middle East, 9/11 was the platform for this war. They want the oil and Israel wants land and does not want a Muslim Superstate in the ME.

Hitler said the greater the number of people you kill the people will not believe it. Stalin said our greatest resource was human life.
Mossad Motto, By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

The Parasite wanted a Sacrifice and that was all those who died on that terrible day.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 02:26 PM

Originally posted by mirageofdeceit
pilotsfor911truth had this to say regarding the Pentagon crash:

Once this maneuver was completed, without going into a graveyard spiral, he started to pull out of the descent at 2200 feet and accelerated only 30 knots more at full power to 460 knots in a descent from 2200 feet to the pentagon in about a minute (Whats Vmo at sea level for a 757? Flap speed? Since it looks like he may have found the flap handle only accelerating 60 knots from 7000 feet, the from 2200 feet at full power). AA77 crossed the highways, knocking down light poles, entered ground effect, didnt touch the lawn and got a 44 foot high target (Tail height of 757) into a 77 foot target completely, without overshooting or bouncing off the lawn, or spreading any wreckage at 460 knots. With a 33 foot margin for error. Wow, impressive. Takes a real steady hand to pull that off. I know it would take me a few tries to get it so precise, especially entering ground effect at those speeds. Any slight movement will put you off 50 feet very quickly. Im sure we all would agree.

Regarding the items in bold:

Vmo = Velocity Maximum Operating. This is the maximum speed the aircraft is designed to fly at without over-stressing the airframe.

Vmo depends on pressure altitude. At altitudes below around 5,000ft MSL (Mean Sea Level), the change in pressure due to altitude is insignificant and can be ignored. Vmo for a 757 at this altitude is about 350kts. The aircraft crashed at 460kts according to the FDR from the flight, or 400MPH according to the official report (or approximately 347kts). These figures vary significantly.

Speed of sound at sea level (not corrected for actual local meteorological conditions on the day) is approximately 661kts. At the time of impact, the aircraft was traveling at close to Mach 0.70, based on the FDR.

Based upon the official report, the aircraft was flying at approximately M0.52.

** EDITED ** For comparison, a Tomahawk cruise missile (as has been argued as the actual device that hit the pentagon) travels at approximately 480kts, or Mach 0.75. (Source: ) ** EDITED **

I would also like to raise the following point:

Executing a 330 degree turn, meant putting the Pentagon from their 11 o'clock position (based upon the fact it was a right hand turn they executed) and crucially, resulting in it moving out of view from the flight deck, so it moves around behind them (and out of sight), whilst descending, to make it so they could line up with it. For someone who allegedly struggled to land a Cessna whilst having the runway in sight ahead of them the whole time, this was quite a maneuver! They managed to get the descent (and remember, this would have to be flying visually) right so they weren't so low, they lost sight of the building (something that is possible to do, certainly having completed a turn and having lost visual contact with the building, and also being inexperienced at flying a large commercial airliner, its turning characteristics and effective turning circle).

This on its own raises other question:

Why go to the trouble of **LOSING** altitude (and thus gravitational potential energy, as well as making the aspect of the building much smaller and harder to see), losing sight with the building during the turn (quite possible to do), in order to fly into the side of the building, risking hitting other obstacles on the way (e.g. light poles/power cables/other buildings/the ground etc..), that could have meant they crash short of the intended target? Surely if they wanted to commit such an atrocious act, they'd simply point the nose at the building, offering themselves a much bigger, clearer target, and cut out not one, but several tough maneuvers that could have meant they don't hit what they intended to hit?

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 02:27 PM
There isn't enough room to say the above was posted in another thread by me.

I responded to a second thread that was dealing with the flight-path. I'll post a link to it when I find it.

[edit on 24-2-2007 by mirageofdeceit]

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by magicmushroom

Mossad Motto, By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

that is a debunked myth and you know it.

So Muslims categorically didn't do it, but EITHER the Americans or the Israeli's just maybe, perpetrated it.

I just love it.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 03:28 PM
Peyres, I did not say Muslims arent Terrorists, there is still no real proof of who perpatrated these attacks. A picture of some Asian looking men who could of been anyone anywhere and Passports that survived the destruction of a half Million ton building, how convenient.

The official story that the Secret Services said they knew nothing of the impending attack but 48 hours later they were pulling rabbits out of the hat.

Also How could Blair 24 hours after 9/11 say that Osama Binladen and AlQaeda were responcible. How would he know when at that time American Secret Services knew nothing. Its simply a case of the event was known and was allowed to happen, which is a fairytale I dont believe or almost certainly the Goverment and others were behind the event.

There is nothing new about Goverments killing their own people for whatever reason.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 07:37 PM
It took 28 years to find the Unabomber — in the largest manhunt in FBI history. And we only found him because his brother ratted him out. Yet we uncovered the entire Al-Qaida network in two days. Prior to 9-11 no one in the general public had ever even heard of Al-Qaida. Doesn’t that strike EVEYONE odd?

The Wizard In The Woods

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by Wizard_In_The_Woods
It took 28 years to find the Unabomber — in the largest manhunt in FBI history. And we only found him because his brother ratted him out. Yet we uncovered the entire Al-Qaida network in two days. Prior to 9-11 no one in the general public had ever even heard of Al-Qaida. Doesn’t that strike EVEYONE odd?

The Wizard In The Woods

This is an interesting observation you've made. Not only was the general public not concerned with al-Qaeda, neither the Clinton administration, not the Bush administration, despite their post-9/11 posturing, seemed concerned either.

Here's a pic of Sandy Berger and Condi Rice hamming it up for the cameras at a peace conference in Jan. 2001. The entire day-long program was all about how the U.S needs to go forward in dealing with externals threats.

Guess what?

al-Qaeda wasn't even on the program.

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