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Chris Titan & Cervantes: 'Song of Roland' is Propaganda

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 01:28 AM

Using some of the alternative reality investigative techniques I learned during my time with Neurocam International and refined by William S. Burroughs when I spent time touring the Cities of the Red Night I was able to solve a mystery that Cervantes presented to me when I read chapter 23 of Don Quixote.

It was actually Jorge Luis Borges's commentary on Cervantes that stired my interest.

I was shocked to learn that Roland was slain by the Carolingians to steal his sword which was considered the link to heaven and divine rulership.

Interzone investigations can only be reported as fictional narratives due to the subjective nature of the work.

I am telling you here so that Montesinos may get some rest...

The weakest link that needs some dehending relies on a Sitchen idea called the Dur.An.Ki I welcome this debate as central to the relavance of the sword in question...Durandarte.

By blending Cervantes version of the Romance of Durandarte with the Swedish saga of eating the dragon heart...we can speculate that not only did the Carolingian's steal his sword they ate his heart. This would render it impossible to render Durandarte's last request, that of having his heart presented to his lady.

Here is a question. Why does 1000 year old regicide come up at random and require attention?


Chris Titan

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 10:46 AM
And note that Roland's ally in the debacle was Al-Ansari, a name which alludes to the pre-islamic mystics of syria, and that he was freidnly with the Franks to get them into the region, but then shut his cities doors when they approached, precipiating the disaster. And who ends up on top after all this? Al-Ansari manages to get Suleiman Al-Arabi from the very people that resuced him from Charlemagne, and kills him.


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