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Hufon report on cal med conference and fms,

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 06:27 PM
THIS was one of the articles that STOPPED me in my tracks when we were considering development of a relationship with Sims' organization. I was impressed. You?


Derrel Sims Addresses California Medical Conference by Dale Musser

The long-standing gap between UFO researchers and the medical community may be dosing. In the past. the medical community at
large has tended to dose it's eyes and ears and shy away from claims of UFO encounters, abduc-dons by aliens and alien implants. But not any more. On February 18 & 19 of 1994 a group of approximately
250 physicians and other profes sionals in the medical field met at the John Muir Medical Center In Walnut Creek California. They were there to hear a presentation entitled Medical Complications of Alleged Human Alien Contact. The invited speaker was an investigator of alleged UFO alien abductions, Derrel Sims CT.H.A.; founder of Saber Enterprises (a UFO research organi-zation) and member of the board of directors of HUFON (Houston UFO Network, Inc), the group which Saber reports it's findings to.

In the evening session, on Friday the 18th. Mr. Sims presented methods and procedures which he and his colleagues pioneered and continue to use, Including graphological analysis. symbolic profiles, a specialized questionnaire, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and experimental hypnosis methods. All are utilized in information retrieval.
Mr. Sims shared information about and displayed alleged implants found in abductees. Of particular interest was a small mustard seed-like object. said to have been part of an ocular Implant retrieved from a female abductee after a mass abduction In December of 1992. He also presented Information about medical anomalies common among individ-uals having had encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Strange scars and markings, some of which are only visible when views under U.V. light, were also shared.

Other medical evidence, possibly Indicating genetic manipulation by the aliens (which had been tumed over to the group's medical advisor. Eugene Lipson M.D.. F.A.A.P. for review), was Included in the presentation.

Additional meetings were held Saturday with many of the physi-cians In attendance. In the morning Mr. Sims demonstrated hypnotic techniques and their uses In abductions cases. Cases involving small children including one deaf child were Introduced as additional evidence of the phenomena.

During the afternoon session, specific techniques that seem to be producing remarkable research data were explained.

Information from numerous cases contained In Saber's computerized data base
was presented. Apparent mistakes made by abducting entities, their methods. manners and evidence of their visitations were covered in Mr. Sims report.

During the presentation one physician asked a woman In the audience for her opinion about Mr. Sims statements. The woman, u
Derrel, was herself an alleged abductee. Many in the audience who knew the woman were surprised, as they were unaware of her alleged abductions. The woman responded. "In my opinion there is only one person in this room who understands what Is going on in the abduction phenomenon, and he is standing on that stage." indicating Mr. Sims.

Derrel then hypnotically regressed a subject to demonstrate information retrieval techniques. A number of individuals who had been skeptical through the earlier presentations expressed their amazement at. what they witnessed. Many said that they'd had doubts before but were now believers.

After the meeting the physicians and other medical professionals had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Sims. Several volunteered their services to Saber, to assist with, and act In an advisory capacity on. abduction cases.

Between sessions. Derrel was filmed and Interviewed by a Japanese film crew preparing a documentary for 'IV in Japan. and for a movie with I.P. Pictures. Film footage will be uti-lized In several documentary films that will be appearing In Finland. Germany and other countries around the world. Derrel was also Interviewed by radio personality Ralph Steiner on Pacifica.

In the past year. Mr. Sims has made several presentations around the country including Las Vegas. Atlanta, and San Francisco.

Once again Dale has provided us with a Ane piece of work. Thanks a bunch for all your efforts, Dale, and thanks also to Derrel, who continues to add to both his own and HUFON's growing respect.

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Can you provide a link to what you just posted?

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