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Dwarves Anyone???

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 03:30 PM
Although I have been a lurker on ATS for years , I have never posted a thread before. But something happened this morning so strange I thought I might get some input from some of the other members on ATS. I am unsure if this is the correct forum. Please delete it or move it if I am wrong. I am an ardent student of the bible, prophecy, history, philosophy, etc. I read constantly and feel I have close relationship with God. For many years, usually once or twice a month, I will notice a strange fragrance in the air around me. It is a masculine, musky type fragrance (I am a woman and very clean). It is not at all unpleasant, just different. My imagination has come up with guardian angel/spirit, etc. “visiting me”. It usually lasts just a few minutes. This morning as I was waking from sleep I dreamed there was a small man standing beside my bed. It alarmed me enough to bring me to wakefulness and when I opened my eyes and pushed up on my elbows there was indeed a “small” man standing next to my bed staring at me. He looked just like the pictures you see of dwarves - lots of hair, beard, very short. He stared right at me and began fading only after about 10 or 15 full seconds. I got no feeling of danger or hostility, just curiosity. But I immediately noticed the same “musky” distinctive smell I have noticed for years. My first thought was (being a sci/fi, fantasy freak), damn, the veil between the realities is getting awfully thin. And when I got up and walked through my house the smell had permeated the whole house. As I said, it wasn’t unpleasant, just distinctive. I have a very clean home and did not cook the night before. The smell was still present when I left for work two hours later. I consider myself a sane, hard working individual. I have never had delusions before. I do not dabble in the occult. I am in my early 50's. So, does anyone have any ideas about what might have happened. I assure you, I was wide awake when I saw him standing by my bed and if I had any talent at all in the area of art I could paint his face clearly. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any ideas?

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:36 PM
Welcome and thanks for sharing, that a very interesting event,

I'm sure member here will have some ideas for you or experiences to share,

Ill have a look around and see if we have any others who mention this,

I look forward to hearing the response to this,

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 08:07 PM
Thanks for your response. I have spent all day with the memory of that face staring at me so silently and contemplatively. When my daughter was small we used to put pineapples in our garden because I read long ago that if you did that it would attract garden gnomes. My garden looks like a jungle (I am contibuting to the ozone layer). Maybe the garden gnome finally showed up.

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posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 12:08 AM
I enjoyed reading this. I would say that he happens to be your guardian angel.
Thank him for caring for you and watching over you.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 11:12 AM
Hi Jones.

My experience was different, in that I saw several of the gnome-creatures.

Like you, I gained a very detailed impression of their appearance.

Also like you, I did nothing at all to invite the visitation. Clean-living, god-fearing, competent, well-employed, sane, utterly sober, non drug-user, house neat as a pin and alone at the time of the experience.

Unlike you however, I was rendered literally terrified. Babbling in fear.

My experience took place mid-evening. I was well-rested. House had been empty for a week or more while I was out of the country.

The creatures possessed the ability to manipulate me mentally and physically. They attempted to abduct me. I saw them at very close quarters. Like you, I could draw them in detail. Those I saw did not have beards. And there were some females amongst them. They spoke to each other in irritable voices. In the end, I struggled with them and they retreated then disappeared into a wall-cupboard.

An odd aside is: almost 20 years after the event, I reported it to a research group. It was the first time they'd received such a report. Very shortly afterwards they contacted me to say that by odd coincidence, they'd just heard from a near-hysterical woman a thousand kilometres distant who reported that several small gnome-type creatures had been running swiftly through her house for some hours and this had been witnessed also by her adult daughter. When the research group contacted the woman a day or so later to follow up her report, she declined to discuss the matter further but remained disturbed and afraid.

I've heard of a couple of other events involving the gnome creatures, including a gnome seen ahead of them on a rough track by two women in Central America on their way to work. One of the women was so badly affected she was transported via ambulance to hospital, where she was treated for physical and mental shock. Another was a repeated sighting of the creatures (but only their heads were visible) by a young girl in a bedroom she shared with two sisters. The girl left home in early adulthood. Many years later, when she was in late middle-age, she returned for the funeral of a parent. She took this opportunity to ask her sisters if they'd ever seen the gnome creatures in their childhood bedroom, as she had. One claimed no knowledge of the creatures but the elder sister, who'd remained in the parental home all her life, stated that she had seen them, and added: " I still do. They're still here."

You might be interested in the ELFEN Project, which is run out of Canada by a Professor Butler. I was surprised to learn from him that the gnomes -- far from being European folk-lore, are witnessed all over the globe, including Hawaii, numerous Pacific Islands, North, South and Central America, Iceland and all throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Professor Butler advised me that gnomes form attachments to dwellings/locations rather than to individuals. He said ELFEN acted as mediators between familes and gnomes forced to share the same home. Apparently gnomes do interact pysically with a percentage of experiencers but that it is usually restricted to mild contact such as the stroking of hair, or occasionally throwing things. I was advised that contact such as my own experience, whilst being within the extreme 10% of cases, is still reasonably common. Butler informed me (approx. 2 years ago) that he was in contact with approx. 60 families within Canada and the US who were living in homes containing the gnome type creatures.

My own research has revealed that the Native Americans have long been aware and extremely wary of the gnome type creatures. They warn their children not to communicate with or acknowledge them. The natives traditionally leave offerings/gifts for the creatures, in order they will not destroy or poison their crops. The creatures are not regarded as benign by the natives.

In the British Isles of course, the gnome type entities are regarded (or at least until relatively recently) as malignant, evil. They are believed to steal or swap babies and there are recorded cases of Irish women refusing to have anything to do with their baby because they believe it to be one of the little people in disguise. Fairy-rings are left untouched by farmers and in Iceland in the recent years, construction work had to be re-routed because it had originally disturbed the little-people who had interrupted construction in retaliation. There's substantial material online regarding European little-people accounts and lore.

Finally and quite interestingly, there's Charles Bonnet syndrome, so named for the discoverer, a European, whose mother claimed to be able to see 'little people'.

It has since been discovered, quite recently, that some sight-impaired individuals claim to be able to observe 'little people', described alternately as 'gnomes' or 'elves' wearing, quite often, typical 'elf' clothing complete with hat. (all the gnome-types in my own experience, male and female, wore some sort of headgear: scarves tied peasant-style in the case of the women and hats/caps on the men. Without exception).

As many of the sight-impaired folk who report seeing gnomes/elves are often elderly, they did not report their experience for fear they would be judged (by families and doctors) as suffering mental deterioration. They kept it to themselves. No doubt many of these people themselves feared they were losing their minds.

In a UK hospital specialising in the elderly, the situation came to light and surprisingly, a serious study of the phenomenon was conducted. People were reluctant quite often to admit they'd seen the little people. When they were granted assurance their experiences would not consign them to aged-homes or unwanted medication however, they were more forthcoming. And the study discovered that a sizeable number of people -- predominantly sight impaired -- had seen/were seeing these creatures.

The descriptions provided were quite consistent: small, elf or gnome or leprachaun in appearance, dressed often in green or red, wearing a hat or cap. The creatures engaged in various activities before the witnesses. Often they were seen more than once, or more than one of the creatures was witnessed.

The study group discovered that the witnesses were of perfectly sound mind in the vast majority of instances. (cont. next post)

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 11:48 AM
Does this sound like the thing you saw? If you believe it is one of these (or a similar spirit), I wouldn't worry, especially as you keep a clean home.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 12:29 PM
No, the creature in the link isn't like those I saw. But thanks for posting it.

I've just deleted the entire 2nd post plus links, by mistake. Gee I annoy myself sometimes.

Too tired to re-write it all just now.

posted on Feb, 24 2007 @ 12:43 PM
When I have hypnogogic dreams, I often see the "little blue doctors" or the short dudes in the monks' robes.

Either of those would qualify as a dwarf, I suppose, although the short blue guys are not human by any stretch, whereas the "monks" never show their faces.

OTOH, the blue guys are never scary, and the monks are usually boring. Given a choice, I'd take doctors over monks 10:1, because the doctors have a great sense of humor and usually have something fun to do, while with the monks it's more like giving orals for your master's degree again.

You have to wonder where your mind dredges this stuff up for dreams, don't you?

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