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The Emperor's New Clothes

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 01:17 PM
OMG! Their Real!........NOT! or Maybe? Maybe it is just a faith thing.

I would like all of your opinions on this because as I listen, look and observe conversations here on UFO's and Aliens, it appears, everything is a matter of personal beliefs or what people are conditioned to believe.

Have any of you notice that if the media doesn't repeatedly cover something then it really can't or doesn't exist?

If you hear it once it must be a rumor, but if you hear it many times it must be true.

I think that no matter what evidence is given on UFO's, Aliens, ET, with all the technology we have today it can be explained away, whether it is true of not.

The Media is a powerful thing and so is any type of propaganda.

Remember this story?

One day two rogues arrived in town, claiming to be gifted weavers. They convinced the Emperor that they could weave the most wonderful cloth, which had a magical property. The clothes were only visible to those who were completely pure in heart and spirit.

The Emperor was impressed and ordered the weavers to begin work immediately. The rogues, who had a deep understanding of human nature, began to feign work on empty looms.

Minister after minister went to view the new clothes and all came back exhorting the beauty of the cloth on the looms even though none of them could see a thing.

Finally a grand procession was planned for the Emperor to display his new finery. The Emperor went to view his clothes and was shocked to see absolutely nothing, but he pretended to admire the fabulous cloth, inspect the clothes with awe, and, after disrobing, go through the motions of carefully putting on a suit of the new garments.

Under a royal canopy the Emperor appeared to the admiring throng of his people - - all of whom cheered and clapped because they all knew the rogue weavers' tale and did not want to be seen as less than pure of heart.

But, the bubble burst when an innocent child loudly exclaimed, for the whole kingdom to hear, that the Emperor had nothing on at all. He had no clothes.

In closing I truly believe that if millions of people saw a UFO, that it could be explained away by the government and the media very easily. lol!

Ring a bell for anyone hear? especially you people in Arizona?

Skeptics, non-believers, and groups that want to keep UFO's and aliens a secret appear to have the cards in their favor, because everything can be explained away, or argued till the majority of the masses give up or give in.

But what do I know I just saw a mirage of water on a very hot blacktop surface, the water was there, then it disappeared. Our minds, eyes can be deceived very easily and that is what they prey upon.

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