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Why Must We Know?? What Does Only Human Mean??

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 12:58 PM
Please read through this post before responding upon initial emotion, thanks.

We (humans) are an incredibly curious species, no arguement with that. But, ever notice how we tend to get ourselves into lots of trouble with that same charaterisitic? Now, I know that without pushing the proverbial envelope, we would never get anywhere, but we continue to push the envelope in ways that are now counterproductive to our own good. Take nuclear capability for instance, although great in some aspects, it's possible consequences have become what we would have to agree is least of all, horribly dangerous.

My point is, maybe we should take a few deep breaths before opening Pandora's Box??
We need to start thinking as a species and not for our own individual interests.

Now, the Alien/UFO connection!!

If we continue on our path of thinking about only us/survival/money/technology.....might we not be blinded by other possibilities?? Most people have such a fear of anthing not from this world, but why?? Fear of the unknown....maybe?? Take the recently caught, "Colossal" squid, is it fascinating or a monster?? Myth has become reality to some degree but of course we are now seeking to "learn of it" and "understand it"??

This is the fear and problem that relates to other intelligent life. Why to we have to know why?? Why understand it?? It just is, and why not approach it in a subtle manner and not as a "all hell is breaking loose" attitude that our "elected" goverment has to protecting our best interests!? The wind is there, you feel it and see its effects, but you cannot touch it or see it and it comes and goes as it pleases, it's just part of life.

I am not trying to vent, if I am I apologize...I just want "Us" and "Them" to have a fair shot, we can both/all coexist maybe. Let's not shoot first, besides...if they are that superior as we tend to think they are, we don't stand much of a chance anyway. Let's try to be civil and for once, NOT act human!

Peace, Mondogiwa

P.S.: This was on my mind due to the new thread of missile defence and space weaponry towards UFO's of late.


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