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Almost every Warhammer Online video (external)

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 06:47 PM

This is Almost Every Warhammer Online Video 2.5

Here is a list of videos that I will update with new videos. This is a very old topic containing videos from the very beginning. This topic could be useful to all the newbies that are joining the forum.

It'll start from new to old.
If it contains something like in German that means the video is in German and not in English.

Please PM me if you believe I am missing a video old or new!

I'll have this big stuff below showing when this topic has last been updated...

2/21/07 2:48 PM Central GMT -6

Video sites constantly updated

Paul's video blog - series of official warhammer videos
Warhammer Podcast - series of official warhammer videos
Gamespot WAR Vids - series of official warhammer videos

New Warhammer Videos (Q4 2006 - Q1 2007)

Marauder Exclusive first look
War Welten Interviews Lance Roberts
Shamen PvP
Bright Wizard Video - Right Click Save as
RvR Combat Video - Right Click Save as
Warhammer scenery - Right Click Save as
Chaos Chosen and Magus First look by Gamespy - series of videos
War-RvR video gallery - series of videos

Old Warhammer Videos (2006)

Curse Gaming Interviews Jeff Hickman.
Warhammer online GD 2006 footage
A guy developer John Cox gets interviewed by a hot chick.
German guy talking about the career system. - in German
Dwarf Player Doing some PvP/PvE
Lance Roberts is interviewed by GT TV
Lace Robert is interviewed by PC Gamer Podcast
A Mythic guy explains the RvR aspect and a PvE overview.
A dude named Robert is playing PvP as a dwarf
Basically PvE someone playing as a Goblin Shaman
Pauls Famous Phone
A German guy playing as a dwarf killing snotlings
Hard to see but someone playing Greenskins.
A Mythic man explaining the Greenskins Starting zone and basically giving you its background story.
A guy playing Dwarf in a RvR zone.
Paul doing a slide show
Showing there WAR booth
A German website reviewing WARs progess
Jeff Hickman Explains WAR's RvR
Curse Gaming Interviewing Paul
Paul explains why warhammer is the best
A interview with Lance Roberts talking about WAR talking about how different it will be and character trophies.
planning out animations
Sundial Technology interesting feature...
Gyrocopter Dwarf
Mythic team testing out the combat system.
Almighty Squig
Goblin PvE game play
A Mythic man talks about Orc and Dwarf character growth
Goblin game play video.
Gameplay video greenskins and a Mythic man explains the game.French people interview Paul
Interview with Jeff Hickman

All of those are links to videos which can be found in the original post at the following url:

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