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qigong master moves bricks, breaks glass, ect with qi

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 11:51 AM
dont normally post anymore, but i found it interesting for those who are into the subject of telekenisis, or practice qigong. wish i could get a translation of what the master was saying, but whatever. nice video. dont mind some of the stupid comments on the youtube page. just fools with uneducated opinions, or just extremely bias opinions. enjoy

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 12:22 PM
The table leaves too much room to not rule out magnets and strings.

If he did it on flat ground, I would be impressed.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 12:26 PM
or subject himself to scientific tests instead of just a demonstration.

I seen one of a guy claiming he could knock ppl out with his chi energy.

He also claimed he'd pull pranks with it and shove lines of people at starbucks...

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 01:06 PM

Originally posted by Lysergic

I seen one of a guy claiming he could knock ppl out with his chi energy.

National Geographics shows the "no touch knock-out punch" scientist vs chi

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 03:54 PM
I have big problems with the original video, but that National Geographic one is pretty amazing. The kid forming the "qi ball" between his hands is doable by anyone. I bet if you concentrate on it right now (cup your hands extremely close as if you were about to clap and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds) you could feel a warm sensation and a small bit of pressure between the palms of your hands if you do not let them touch.

Want to impress a girl (guy)? Practice that for awhile (no not Psi balls supposed years of practice, just get used to being able to do it on command quickly.) Put your hand up to your lady friend's hand, and slowly push against the air between your palms, it worked the very first time on my girlfriend and freaked the #### out of her. You're every time.

That man is an extremely famous martial arts instructor, he ranks up their with the Gracies and Liechtenfelds of this word. If I would believe any Qigong practitioner were capable of knocking someone out with Qi, it would be him.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 04:29 PM
Ha ha hilarious. Wax on Wig off

First vid.

In the bowl one you can see the bowl lift when he Chi's it back, almost like a length of fishing line was lifting it, I would have thought that if it were Chi the bowl would tip towards him with resistance of the table cloth.

If he could do it in front of people on a block of granite 4 feet thick, with no strings, magnets and who knows with the bottle trick an airgun then I might get a little interested.

Second vid.

The pressure point stuff is fine but not always effective. In the eighties a nameless chap well up on Martial Art stuff and pretty good in several styles was stunned when he tried several pressure points on a lovely big guy from Dubai. Now I don't know if it was Allah protecting him but all that Oriental stuff had no effect on him. The rest of us would roll about like dogs on the floor. We thought then that part of the trick was belief by the victims. Very strange.

The Chi strike stuff I think belief, perhaps some sort of mesmeric state may play a part. But I will say this. A few years back a psychic gentleman got all of us in a class to do deep pore breathing and push (without touching) another pupil, who was bilndfolded. The blindfolded "victim" would stagger back even though the "attacker" was still 2 to 3 feet away.

I was able to do this and the pushing is fun but I found the being pushed more interesting. When the blindfold is on there seems to be no clue that you are being attacked and I would say that it was not a feeling of being pushed at one point on the body, it was more like the whole body feeling wobbly. The Psychic guy said he often had fun pushing noisey kids "invisibly" at Sopping Malls
Are you out there Jason????

It is not something I practiced after, it has occured to me that if it was in fact something really happening, who knows what damage you could be doing?

I do wonder if it was just our belief in what was about to happen and that we picked up clues to the attacks without realising them

I take it all with a pinch of Chi now

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 10:26 AM

In the bowl one you can see the bowl lift when he Chi's it back, almost like a length of fishing line was lifting it, I would have thought that if it were Chi the bowl would tip towards him with resistance of the table cloth

what you think is honestly irrelevant. there is no certain way for an object to act when being moved by the mind. just a bunch of pressumptions from people because they only are comparing how they think an object should move based on movies, tv shows, and or cartoons. there are plenty of variables as to why an object might move the way it moves in videos like these. there is nothing stating that an object will not lift a little then slide in a somewhat stuttering manner when using telekinesis. thats all due to the persons intent, and how focussed and clear it is.
from a rational standpoint, i will say that a huge table with a cloth and no one showing you that there is nothing under the table, and that the table is not metal, and or that there is nothing attached to the table that would cause the objects to move, is a bit suspicious.
but if you look at the table cloth when he is doing his kiai and focussing his "chi", you will see the cloth move. this moment happens when he is breaking the glass with his "chi".
the somewhat odd movements of the objects breaking and or moving in the video, do not prove whether or not what he is doing is "true to da game", so to speak. why? because of the reason i posted above.

the problem i have with most videos and what not on the net. is that when they get a chance to interview these people and question them and really put them to the test on their power, and their mind (to see if theyre lying or not, without obviously being rude) , they just seem to fail in those departments. i would have so many questions and thoughts for a man capable of moving objects with his intent, "chi", mind, whatever. no matter who is producing the show, or who did the interview, there always seems to be this lack of actual questioning the person at hand. maybe its out of respect, maybe the people doing the interviews dont give a damn or arent well versed enough in the "paranormal" to ask any sound questions, maybe the host and producers of these tv shows just dont give a damn, and or are too stupid. who knows, but i do know that out of all the # ive seen, or have read, there seems to be a lack of questioning. as if the people are to scared to find an answer, or the inevitable truth. bias opinions at work, but being bias is only natural, i cant fault someone completely for that, and it doesnt automatically take away the credibility of the person at hand. its just confusing at times.
i honestly believe that its mainly because the people doing these interviews, hosting these shows, and or making these random news clips or recordings of amazing feats, are just not well versed enough in the phenomenon itself, and or the "paranormal, or any theories behind the why of what the person is doing, that they just dont know what to say. its unfortunate.
like one question i would have asked that master, is why when he is proving his invulnerability to being cut, that he makes the movements quick when going across his belly, and when hitting himself with the blade. either way, the blade still appears to be razor sharp, and a sweaping motion across your skin with minimal pressure can lead to a deep cut. but the way the master is doing it, is still somewhat susupicious. if your supposed to be impervious to being cut, then whether i do it long and hard, or quick and short shouldnt matter, but i always seem to see quick and short over long and hard with some serious pressure. but questions from proper interviewers could answer my questions. maybe he has a limit to how much pressure he can take before getting cut, and if so, why. maybe im not really aware of how much pressure he is actually putting on himself, because i cant really tell from my point of view. a better setup

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 10:31 AM
would prove helpful. like when on myth busters they had a black guy on there using his qigong to protect his throat from being punctured by a steel rod, and they had it hooked up in a way that they could monitor the pressure involved, and after the demonstration, it was undeniable that what he was doing was beyond their understanding, because with the amount of pressure that was being forced against his throat, it should have punctured his skin and done some serious damage. he also bent the steel rod with his bare hands, which was also mind boggling to them. it was a great episode, and they could not bust the myth. theres some good evidence out there. you just gotta search for it, and even if you do, sometimes there just hiding until the universe brings it your way, but either way, the evidence is out there. its undeniable.

excuse the long post, but its worth the read

oh and that dim mak video is well
. mass hypnosis at its best. wonderful. he should be a hypnotist. belief is not a prerequisite of being able to be affected by supernatural powers. thats a weak mans thinking, and a poor excuse.

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