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China's 'treatment' of teen internet addicts

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 09:22 AM
Just read this article on MSNBC about how china is trying to tackle internet addictions among teenagers.

Hmm this is the first i'd heard of these measures or 'treatments' being taken, they include electric shock therapy! tbh I think this sounds a bit of a strange way to deal with it, though i'm not a doctor.

I was wondering if any of the children are put into these "military-run installations" against their own wishes, and whether that would be against any human rights or anything?

One quote relating to this was:

Earlier this month, four teens fled their dorm rooms and jumped in a taxi. They made it to a train station before soldiers caught them, according to Li Jiali, a military guard. They were isolated and asked to write reports about why their actions were wrong.

It doesn't really sound like they are liking the place then...

(P.S. sorry if there's already a thread about this, it's my first topic post and I couldn't find it in the search)


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