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Opie and Anthony

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 10:48 PM
I didn't see a thread on O&A, and there doesn't seem to be a search feature on BTS, so...

Is it just me, or in this age of the iPod, is the Opie and Anthony radio program one of the last few reasons to actually turn on a radio, satellite or otherwise.

I know many of you will yell Coast to Coast at your monitors before you finish reading this, and you're right about that. Still, I can't listen to C2C more than once a week, but O&A fill my mornings with cheer and laughter every morning.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 11:56 PM
O&A do have their moments but I usually find the humor of Bob and Tom a little more to my tastes. But for the real funny stuff I tune in to Rush. It's obvious he is back on the oxy, as his lisp is worse than ever and he takes himself sooo seriously. Or at least he seems to; it could just be some kind of conceptual joke on us all. I can't really tell.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 04:40 PM
I have to get in on this.

B&T are a joke! They are the worst radio hacks ever!!
O&A proved it. They did an interview with a very famous comedian last summer who was on the B&T show promoting his gig in town, and they treated him like poo. They basically told him that he had two minutes to do his "schtick" and get one plug in, and leave. What kind of radio program does that? Hacks, that's who.

B&T are sooooo bad it's hard to even type a description. When have you ever heard them actually talk to a comedian in a sit down personal manner? Never. O&A do. B&T just have comedians on to do their "bits" word for word almost from their cd's. 90% of their show is comprised of comedians basically doing their bits, the other 10% is made up of some guy saying "I swear to god man" 37 times in a two minute conversation, some news headlines, and those OBNOXIOUS laughs.

Is it just me or does anyone else think they are choking when they are laughing?

I don't think anyone under 45 thinks they are funny, if they do, then they obviously haven't listened to O&A.

O&A are great radio jocks because they actually talk about real issues, sure there are sexual overtones, racial jokes, and they are playing to a different market, but, they still tell you like it is, and make no bones about it.

O&A sit down and talk for 5 hours, 3 on terrestrial radio, and two on XM alone. They do it without playing 50 stupid audio clips comprised of Hack jokes and "the hole"

The hole, or the female radio personality as she is referred to in radio is the supposed "equalizer" when it comes to keeping "edgy" jocks in line.
"OH guys, stop it" "C'mon now guys, that's not nice"-----How many times have you heard that before.

Overproduced crap is all that is left on the radio nowdays. Why do you think stern left? It's not because he wanted to be dirty all the time, it's because he wasn't allowed to voice his opinion anymore. O&A do that, although it's gotten them real close to the axe a few times.

I unplugged my antenna in my cars due to B&T hack bits and crappy radio like them. The next time you think they are being funny, call up and ask B&T how Christy lee's husband is doing in jail.



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