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My U.F.O incident

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:18 PM
Hi there i have only recently joined ATS mainly to discuss NWO issues and to see what you guys think of certain events, but I suddenly realised tonight though that you would probably be interested to hear about my u.f.o incident.

It all happened in august 2002, it was a few days after my sisters birthday so it would of been about the 27th-29th and i remember it was a week day,it was fully dark at the time and I think it was about 9.00-11.00pm. I was with my two freinds at the time and we were on a local field taking the dogs for a walk.The feild is completely surrounded with fences so we let the dogs off the lead and sat on one of the bench's. It was a clear night with no cloud's whatsoever, so our attention soon turned to looking at the stars. All of a sudden we noticed 3 objects moving in the sky,they looked exactly like semi-bright star's.They were flying in a very slight triangular formation, so slight they were nearly flying in a straight line formation.It became obvious to us very quickly how fast these objects were moving as there was alot of normal aircraft that night that were clearly visible, considering that the normal aircraft were clearly visible for what they were, planes(you could make out the shape,see the wings,etc) and the fact these moving objects that looked liked stars seemed to be in space rather than the sky yet they were moving considerably quicker across the sky/space than a normal plane flying a hell of alot lower. All of a sudden the ufo on the left flank changed its direction by 90 degrees, i'm trying not to use the word turn or turned because that would be misleading, the ufo did not turn 90 degrees, it simply went 90 degrees in a different direction.I will point out now that the other 2 ufos did not change there direction or flightpath,while we were watching what the other ufo got upto they moved across the sky in a straight line till they were out of view.Now back to the ufo that broke formation and went 90 degrees across the sky,after it went 90 degee's it carried on in a straight line until it was roughly in our centre view of the sky, then it suddenly stopped,then slowly lowered itself a bit.When i say lowered i dont mean it lowered itself vertically in terms of how high it was, within my viewpoint of space it lowered itself, or you could say it went 90 degree's down.And then it stopped completely, it didnt move at all for about 2 minutes, in this time the ufo looked just like a normal star in the sky, before it looked like a moving star that obviously wasnt a star because it was moving but now unless you had seen it moving previously, for all intents and purposes it was just a normal star in the sky.Then all of a sudden it started zooming and criss crossing across the sky,it was literally flying round other stars in milliseconds,its hard to get across to you how exactley the ufo was moving at this point it was moving in such a crazy erratic manner its untrue.And the speed it moved at filled me with amazement as well as dread because I knew what I was seeing couldn’t possibly be rationally explained.It moved around the sky in the same way a puck would in a game of ice hockey, like I said before it just changed direction in an instant it didn’t turn or curve in any way.After this crazy erratc movement, which lasted about 30 seconds, (although to be honest at this point what I was seeing was so immense and downright eerie it could have been longer or shorter, time stands still when you see something like that) it then stopped and slowly lowered itself back into roughly the same position in the sky it had stopped still in before. Once again it was motionless in the sky and looked just like an ordinary star and it stayed that way significantly longer than last time, it must have stayed that way for about 5 minutes before moving off in a straight line across the sky untill it was out of view. Although it was an amazing experience, one that I cant really get across to you in words , the event had a very sinister feel to it. One of the friends who was with me that night was obviously quite disturbed by the incident and when ever I would mention it to him(which I don’t anymore because he is obviously uncomfortable with it)he would say we shouldn’t talk about it. My other friend however is completely different, whenever I mention it to him his eyes light up and you can see from his instantaneous reaction how much it effected him. However even though all the ufo’s had now flown out of view in the sky, my incredible night hadn’t quite finished yet. When I got home that night and went up to my room I just sat there on the bed trying to take in what I had just seen, then all of a sudden it hit me, it was a horrible feeling, that feeling when your filled with dread, you get that feeling in your stomach, you go goosepimply and your eyes start to water and you get that weird chill feeling going down your neck and spine(which I‘m actually getting now just thinking and writing about it). I had just remembered the dream I had the night before, in my dream I was standing at my front door talking to the same 2 very friends that were with me that night, we looked up into the sky and saw a boy riding a bike with a large basket on the front. I’ll leave it up to you to make the connection between my dream and what we saw that night. Then maybe you can share some of the realization I had that night.

I’d love to know what you think about this incident and whether you have seen similar things in the sky. Any theories on what it could have been would be appreciated as well although to be honest I know what I saw and how it effected me, even if a phd scientist gave me a natural explanation I would never believe him. Here is a link to a crude picture I made to depict the flight paths of the ufos, it’s a bit basic so don’t laugh

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 03:15 PM
So I think we can add you to seeing a UFO'S list. They are interesting to watch aren't they.

That feeling is something isn't it. Actually I wish the skeptics here would have the experience you did then come here and explain it.

Keep looking up and when you walk the dogs try to take a camera.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 03:35 PM
Just want you to know that you are not alone and that a few people at ATS have seen similar things to what you describe.

I have, on a few occasions. They look to be the same light magnitude as stars, a bluish white to intense dark blue. Travel seemingly normal like a satallite then do sudden erradic manuvers, like the 90% turns you saw with out any curve to it. I have even seen one that was sending off a shower of small dim sparks everytime it changed directions. At the time it appeared to be sloloming (the manuver cars do Zig-Zagging between the row of cones) through the sky.

I have no idea how big they are but watching them gives you the distinct impression that the object is very high up in the atmosphere. I saw these in Los Angeles, and they were heading from the Pacific Ocean out over the desert towards Edwards Air Force Base.

What I saw was NOT an aircraft that operated on the known aerodynamic principals, nor a satallite which I've seen plenty of times before out in the desert away from city lights, so I know this object was in the atmosphere and travelling very fast. The movements were almost untrue. One disappeared and then reappeared in a blink halfway across the sky, but instead as a point of light it was a bright blue (electric blue) streak going perpindicular to it's previous course. Ie.. N-S when a split second before it was going W-E.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 05:26 PM
Just want to say at dusk when some take there places they can look like a yellow star also.

When you know what to look for and catch them you can chuckle at how natural they achieve there place in the sky, most people have no clue.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 07:53 PM
in addition to observe's advice I will warn you that some on ATS will swear that all you are seeing is a satallite. Even when you describe the manuvers like bouncing around the sky like a hockey puck, they will tell you that you saw a satallite. I've seen both and believe me these ain't satallites we are seeing.

I've also seen what observe says. I saw a star in the same place in the sky all night, took note of it for some reason. It then suddenly started moving away, as if it was done doing whatever for the night.

They are facinating to watch. You sometimes will even catch yourself holding your breath cause it's such a specticle.

People will give all sorts of excuses. My friend and I saw in the desert during the Coachella festival last year. What looked just like that NASA footage of multiple UFO's bouncing off the atmosphere. They looked like meteors or fireflys dropping down and then making a strong v or u shaped manuver and 'bounce' back up towards space. Same blue color and size as a star. Not a satallite, and it didn't move like meteors. SOme after completing their bounce would physically return to the same place in the sky and re bounce. Not fire fly's cause they were sometimes behind the clouds. Strange stuff. People still say ehhh you guys just saw fire flys, satallites, meteors.

posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:24 PM
Thanks for all your supportive comments. Personally if anyone saw what i saw and thought they were satillietes, i think they would be the crazy one's even though i think they were exterestrial (or maybe some secret manmade technology)

I would like to learn more though about the capabilities of satelites ,do they have there own propulsion system, can they change direction and stop for a period, then move off again?

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 02:50 PM
some do but not to the degree you are talking about.

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