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Anyone remember Dr. Fungi or Howard Roark.

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 11:43 PM
Couldn't help but notice Howard Roark doesn't come here anymore. And he so violently opposed theories surrounding 9/11. I guess he finially watched 9/11 mysteries.

Anyways I think it's interesting how I was asked to explain myself by Fungi, oh was months ago. And he asked me about the videos I was posting. one of them was a fire fighter on a radio saying there's a bomb in the building and start clearing out.

This was after the first tower collapse but before the second tower collapse.

Anyways. I could help but notice he completely fell off the face of the earth after I sent him that link. And he was just as avid a denier as HR was.

You know something isn't right about 9/11 when...

anyways this is slightly off topic. Just thought I should bring it up. Check out my other posts. There's nothing wrong with online communities but I strongly suggest to everyone to not spend too much time on this site. It's easy to spend alot of time on here and miss out on that quality sun/

Hint Hint. Getting sun in the wintertime helps improve your mood greatly. It makes you a generally happier person and it's as easy as a 15 minute walk everyday.


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