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About Reactive energy used 'against' organisations: Read thread only if you agree to first post

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 07:20 PM
I state, that if you read any post beyond this initial introduction to the thread, you are bound by terms and rules of agreement below:

1) Whatever your intention is towards this thread, will be reflected back to you, and only when is of mischievous intent by you or by anything manipulating you. (Whether it be drugs, alcohol, medication etc..) You created it - you experience it, its yours so you can keep it.

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 03:01 PM
Ok, this is an introduction to what I wished to express.

I would like to make a point about the intention of creating something - it holds energy - the energy that governs whoever was involved in the setup of that creation - it could be of business, a marriage, the intention for having a child, the intention for taking medication, drugs, alcohol, anything that is created - even a single thought. Also anything that is taken into the body - can lower defenses as well, so it holds the energy of whatever is ingested. Alcohol etc...

This brings into what I call the honeypot function.

Have a jar with Honey, mix it was chemicals, and the ants come out of their hiding, go towards the honey, and then perish.

I understand the irony of making such a point - for creation is governed by the creation above it. So this thread is governed by the 'intention' as well as the rules and regulation of this website - ATS.

However there is another aspect, and that is that you have to be part of that creation to question its intention. This then allows me to be a co-creator of the creation. If the intention or the original creator of the intention, feels they are being exposed, they can 'choose' to remove or disconnect that co-creator. For breaking of agreements is a function of the laws of 'creation'.

If the original creator reacts in such a manner - then they have to look at themselves to see why they reacted - it is stiring up the energy which was of negative intent. If the energy becomes explosive (as a form of outburst) then you can see the reason behind the creation and recognise WHERE It comes from.

Another law of universe is it has to be verbalised for it to be true. With regards to ATS, I would look anywhere where it suggests a negative intention. Something along the lines of 'cointelpro' or INITIALLY making you believe that is what was being done - then later realising it was not the case. The energy is held with the title - and it has to be obvious and seen by everyone.

As I don't know whether this is the case as I've only been a recent member I cannot say - but look elsewhere, other conspiratorial websites etc...

Also don't forget, by signing 'I Agree' at the end, you are actually signing a contract. I ignored the sign up contract for it holds no weight when not reading it. Also if the contract has negative intent, you can break that agreement at will anyway (actually you can break any contract). Also the positive energy outweighs the negative, so if the positive intent is involved into the 'co-creator' of the initial creation (agreement) then it can overcome the negative intent - as the stronger force always overrides the weaker one.

Any agenda that stays hidden, is of lies to manipulate, and you can 'sense' it with gut feeling and not brain - then you are on the right track.

So, if I become a banned member due to reaction - I question the intent of creation of this site.

If others who actually react in a malevolent nature to this thread - there needs something to be looked at - an 'energy' was released and has taken control of emotions within. By reading that very sentence, and reacting more, then there is going to be a battle within your emotional scope of the situation because whatever energy is inside you is 'freaking out'. All energy seeks survival. All energy has life.

Again - the stronger energy overcomes the weaker one.

So simply by not reacting (reacting is a function of re-creating a previous action autonomously) then you have control, and not the e-motional (electronic motion) energy inside.

This is an introductory thread on the bigger - grander scale of things. I wrote specifically about ATS because it actually involves everyone on this board - there was no attack on it on a personal level, just used to explain something so many would understand - I hope you did - and not react to it.

PS. A reaction of realization is a good sign - shows manipulation at the TOP of the original creation.


posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 03:39 PM
Another thing with regards to intent of a creation, is that if the intent of creation is conscious, and there is no reaction, that means that energy is already active.

Something of negative intent which is conscious as directed by the creator above means the co-creator is aware and takes the role of the original creator and thus in allegiance with that creator as a co-creator.

This energy with an intent of 'attraction' is a form of honeypot that attracts through the illusion of sweetness, groups all people with genuine intent, and basically identifies and targets them

One thing that must be realized, is that if you belong to any organization, a business, a club, a sport, whatever drew you to that 'creation' MAY be an illusion for by providing rewards of knowledge through allegiance or membership. Realizing the more you get sucked into it, you get more information, more rewards, but the energy behind the original intent of that creation manifests more and more inside of you the higher you go. Initially, once you get to become 'First Officer' or 'Number 1' next to the creator or captain, you take up 100% of that creational energy inside for 'agreeing' to become part of it as an 'ensign' in the first place.

For the creation at the highest on an 'earthly' level are in control of the manipulation to identify and target people here on the planet who may have the same knowledge 'outside' their group.

Usually the captain and number 1 interchange roles, captain is the usually controller of the creation, but number 1 can take charge at times. I could go into the bigger role of who controls the captain (ie federation in Star Trek). Also...what controls the federation needs to be looked at. And who controls them.

Everything is made by 'agreements'. ALL agreements that are made for it involves a creator and a co-creator can be BROKEN. Its simply a matter of choice. Then again, choice is not the actual energy behind it, its the reason/intent behind the choice.

Next I will talk about hierarchy structure ie such as organizations with a pyramid structure, original pyramid schemes etc.. where all control is done at its peak, all wealth is accumulated at its peak, and all energy is controlled by whoever controls the peak on an 'invisible' energetic, etheric level. I will also talk about businesses such as Network Marketing.


posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 04:10 PM
First I will talk about Network Marketing structures.

Companies that use network marketing, if their intent is genuine and are along the lines of allowing everyone to be 'creators' of their own downline, but also allow the people in their downline to be creators of THEIR on downline, and energy is dispersed throughout the whole structure - it creates a balance of energy flow, and is free flowing.

Pyramid schemes which only works on the subject of focusing the energy at the very peak by the levels underneath is manipulative and has negative intent, for manipulation is the overall focus here.

However there still has to be universal law at play otherwise it would not be powerful energy and it would not manifest. Negative intent does not mean it won't be created. However there is also an agreement that there has to be FREEWILL. Freewill is done by making the choice to accept on a knowing level or a want to be on the level above for a hidden thirst within.

Agreements can be broken don't forget, its universal law, you cannot ENTRAP a level below, the entrapment can only be done if the level below agrees to to be entrapped.

How does freewill of choice, allow entrapment? On a grand scale throughout history, would be by initiation, a ritual of some form, (energy is behind words used - ie verbalising, as well as action or re-enactment scene with whatever is projected verbally at the re-enactment towards the ritual or initiation). On an severely negative level it would be the ancients of sacrifice, blood rituals, the sort of gory stuff.

What do rituals and initiations do? Well you have to look at the frequency and intent behind the words - the most is the intent for that is the first action! Then the verbal word, then the written word. The action or scene of re-enactment forms a 3 energy way creation (trinity) Intent, Verbal, Action.

So initiation, is basically the 'activation' of the energy behind it, the intent is to give allegiance to the level above, the verbal is to externalize the intent, and the action locks it in. (That completes the energy manifestation of the level above within the initiate)

Now I don't want to focus on the negative here, buts its important for a basic understanding so you recognize and then move towards breaking the agreement of entrapment. Why do you think the Cabal have verbalized New World Order throughout history? Why do you think they allow the media which is controlled in the first place to 'show' you what is being done? It has to be shown (action) verbalised (externalise the intent) and of course the intent in the first place. Allows for the creation to manifest.

Because it allows to harness the energies of the level below. They manipulate it, and create a reaction which has mass energy on a global scale, they then harness that energy for the implementation of that initial creation!

So what happens when you go to an anti-globlisation rally ones held at the G8 Summits? (Summit - peak - get it??) You give POWER to the intent because of the verbalisation by expressing anger and emotion over the event. And because the emotion is a negative feeling, more of it needs to be used for it to manifest. Also because you are expressing a 'want' which is anti-war, the word 'anti' has no energy. It means nullify - zero - no energy. So what are you actually doing when you express anger and 'resistance' to the neutral 'anti' and the negative 'war' (meaning 'creating' destruction) It means you are giving 'powerful' energy (so many people) to the actual creation of the globalisation movement. To the actual New World Order movement. Now i don't disagree with a global order, but its using negative energy through destruction of creation, or creation of destruction which means the intent is negative in nature, is manipulative, and is a means for control at the peak and no just and fair laws apply to the people being governed. This technique is the true energy used to prison the mind.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 04:35 PM
So now you are getting destructive energy to manipulate the masses. How was this setup in the first place? People are in an invisible prison of control for which they don't believe they are a prisoner in. You go to work, you pay your taxes, you spend time with family, you get hypnotised by media, you get emotional reaction to vibrations of music which causes mental disturbances. You have drugs, you have medication, you have alcohol, and they are telling you this is free will - and yes thats true, but its free will under the terms of agreement by being a part of that system. And its ok to be part of that system, what is not ok, is not knowing what is being done behind the scenes to entrap you 'subconsciously' to that system. Of course you had to make that agreement in the first place to be entrapped through another level which I won't discuss......not yet.

That awareness needs to surface as a conscious thought for then you can make a decision to break all agreements.

You can be part of the system, but you don't have to be entrapped in it.

All the time you spend worrying about the nuances in life, your bills, your relationship problems, your travel issues, all these things that stir up emotions of guilt, hatred, despair is a form of manipulation to divert you away from the manipulation.

Now you are possibly thinking that a cashless society, transport that instant, work that is done instantly is beneficial? Well have you thought that maybe this speeds up the process altogether as now there are many more 'free' hours during the day which can now be manipulated and controlled on a further level. Causing more stress more encumbrances and more 'shattering' of the 'spirit' and 'mind' of the person?

Unfortunately, I see people who are trying to expose the cabal on a grand scale, however they are using energy such as hatred, reaction, rebel - resist. This is something that helps their agenda. This feeds the cabal, for what you resist persists! The more you fight 'against' it the more powerful to dominate you becomes. The moment you 'let go' of it, and focus on a positive change without negative energy, through change WITHIN yourself and not OUTSIDE yourself, the energy starts to transmute around you.

However please NOTE and this is very important. The very moment you break ALL manipulative agreements, you will be under attack via reactions from the ones who mean the most to you! Your closest relatives, your closest friends, your neighbor, your partner, your parents, your boss. They will 'react' to the inner glow of change within for they are also trapped in the system of control. You cannot change them because they become one with the system. They have to be ready.

So to people who are entrapped through initiation and ritual of ANY kind, look at the titles of each 'level', look at the ritual, look at the verbal energy, look at the actual ritual itself - what is being said? If your spirit within has awoken to this message and a reaction has activated because that 'ritual' energy is released, that means its scared, it means that its fearing removal from whatever it feeds from you. Its fearing no food source. You now have conscious knowledge of whatever you have learned, you are totally at will to keep that knowledge, but you don't have to keep that energy that has changed you to the illusion of more knowledge by giving power to this energy. The answer is not out there! The answer is not in a group, its not in the cabal, its not in books. Its inside you. Let your spirit, your soul, your body sing to the nature of the creational/divine source from within. Don't give your power away to anyone, it belongs to you. Dont let your mind be controlled by anyone, it belongs to you. Don't let anything control you, it belongs to you!

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 05:00 PM
Final note.

There are some very very good movies out there that give this message on a hidden level. I won't say what they are as it could activate negative energy inside.

The movies and songs that make you feel 'good' inside - with a knowing subconsciousness of that it may be more real than what we are experiencing - are actually giving some light to the darkness of the matter.

The ones that give off negative feelings (the fear, reaction, panic, suspenseful type) are using the same method on a negative intent of vibration for the agenda of the cabal.

Spirit, Soul, and Body reaction that comes from a betterment of self of realizing that it needs to better itself through just and fair actions is heading in the right direction.

I hereby break all agreements through all levels of my existence to be manipulated by any interfering force of any type that is in relation to this thread and any possible co-creators who try and manipulate the intent of this thread, and try to cause a reaction within. Anything projected psychically, physically and of mischievous intent will be reflected back to the creator. That intent and thought belongs to you, so you can keep it. Any intrusions on my behalf of invading the space of another which causes them negative reactions to do with this thread I now retract and neutralize the energy by breaking such agreements and now keep for myself as its my creation. My intent is not mischievous but one to let the light shine out of the darkness that may be part of the being. You also have the freewill of choice to either accept or deny this creation, but only if words are read and understood on every level. Your choice to accept or deny. Its all the same and doesn't matter because its your choice not mine.

I will no longer discuss this subject on a negative level - its been expressed, its been shown and I only have to acknowledge it within one cycle.

Any discussion will only relate to co-creators who want to make a change within themselves, ones who are addicted to drugs (lowers defenses and allows negative energy to take over), ones who are alcoholics or are mentally ill due to drug induced illnesses - or illnesses caused by the abuse of such substances. Also anyone who has mental illnesses of any nature what so ever, any dysfunction within your being, any emotion which is holding you back and stopping you to progress. Anything - and only anything if its something that is causing you grief on any level. Also anything that is relation to medications due to illnesses. I will explain how this works on a bigger scale, but i won't enter it until asked and only if your intentions are benevolent. If they are not, and the discussion causes negative reactions within readers and people posting - that will also be reflected back at you. Also anyone who is not prepared should not respond to this thread. Its a big step and only those with genuine intent of bettering themselves should post. Those who do not wish to, thats your choice and is also OK


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