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US agents responsible for terror

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Each day, bombs in Baghdad’s market squares give leave us with a sickened feeling. The attacks are easily dismissed by our ‘investigative’ media as the results of a sectarian conflict. Western media sources even speak of ‘al Qaeda in Iraq’. Now terrorism appears to spring in Iran as well.

Those who understand military history somewhat, know that this senseless violence usually hides a useful purpose. In this case, the military and civilian intelligence agencies perform a tactic of divide-and-conquer.

Several investigative journalists (real ones) ascertain this. Through backdoor channels, insurgency and suicide bombers in Iraq, a revived Taliban in Afghanistan, new terrorism in Iran, are all actually produced or even performed by American agents and financed by American resources. The odd black hawk or marine soldier that is taken down as a result is considered as collateral damage; there’s always more helicopters and cannon meat where that came from.

Minister reveals US role in recent terrorist acts in Zahedan:

"Interior Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi said here Monday that the US intelligence organizations were involved in the recent terrorist acts in Zahedan."

The American deployment of their strategy of tension to Iran is now clear. What’s less well known, is how the U.S. and Irani administrations up until recently clandestinely cooperated together. Specialized reporters in de U.S. investigated what the mainstream media can’t (be allowed to) see: from 2004 until 2006, the Bush government forced Iran to comply with its demands. In exchange for concessions about its nuclear program, Iran would help US forces to trigger a civil conflict in Iraq. Once again, the situation was a little more complicated than major media channels portrayed them to be.

1. "Arab Media See U.S.-Iranian Deal-Making Behind a War of Words."

"Despite harsh words between Iran and the United States, many Arab commentators are convinced that the two sworn enemies are co-operating behind the scenes -- especially when it comes to Iraq."

This policy would soon become ambiguous. The Bush administration demonstrated a certain amount of uncertainty in its attitude towards Iran:

2. "US-Iranian coperative initiative on Iraq falls apart amid Iranian diplomats' assassination."

"An apparent deal between the United States and Iran that would have brought Tehran's influence to bear on Iraqi Shi'as to end their uprising against US occupation forces has fallen apart amid the assassination of a top Iranian diplomat in Baghdad. A leading American expert on Iran said the deal's collapse indicates that the Bush administration lacks a coherent Iran policy."

Freshly appointed CIA-director Gates now says that Iran actively supports the Shi’ite insurgency in Iraq. This stance is incredibly cynical, as the American government during the past two years clandestinely compelled Iran to control the Iraqi muslim insurgents, read to instigate them if necessary.

Of course, this tested – albeit archaic – ‘carrot & stick’ diplomacy was hidden from all TV cameras. Such a clandestine cooperation, between two so-called arch rivals, pales in comparison with the infamous Iran-Contra scandal by the Reagan administration.

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