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Theosophical Society:Spiritual Dimensions of time travel

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posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 12:03 PM
This is a very good movie. Anyone who has seen what the bleep will definitely enjoy this.

Fred Alan Wolf is the author of Taking the Quantum Leap, and was also on What the Bleep.
He suggesrs that we are now able to comprehend how the concepts of time and mind are reconcilable and can in fact have the same meaning.

He talks about the 'I'.... The illusion we all have that says that "I am Me".

when there is now "ME".. or "I".

wheres is the "I" at?..... its not in the brain... it been searched, no "I"

there is no "I"

He also speaks about how Time is tangible, and can be manipulated, like everything else we can percieve.

Nothing exists outside of us except vibrational waves and energy. We create this physical universe. WE make this place solid.

some people think that all the stuff on earth and around us will still exist after we are dead, when really it only exists becuase we are alive to percieve it. Nothing exists to US unless we know of it and have been able to percieve it. otherwise it doesnt exists... like on what the bleep and the Indians. ... if you've seen the movie you know what im saying.

anyway, im gonna stop rambling now...

enjoy the movie

The Theosophical Society: The Spiritual Dimensions of Time Travel

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 11:13 AM
link 59590738896184%26q%3DTheosophical%2Bsociety&usg=AL29H238p7LeYUzHEvo_1GimypvAukSciQ

Im sorry the first link didnt work right.

this one works.


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