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Have you noticed this?

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posted on Feb, 17 2007 @ 09:21 PM
Good Day to you, all. Id like to talk about the state of the world. Do you notice what is around you?

Do you nitice how bank institutions are making billion dollar profits while still charging you for every transaction. The same goes for some governments, corporations while they continue to raise the costs to you. Do you notice how the world banks are owned by members of the elite, a secret government. And you are all the puppets on their strings.

Do you notice everything you buy lacks quality, breaks down quicker, falls apart. You know what I'm talking about, you buy a box of something and the box is half empty. Or you see a delicious food ad on your television and when you go to buy it you get something totally different.

You are living in a world where deals are made for profit at the expense of everyone. More hospitals, special care and senior homes are closing. Low income housing is disappearing for condos.

Do you notice how you now live in a world where the majority of you have lost your faith in democracy. Why? Because your focus is all wrong. You have been led to believe that your self worth is validated by your wealth, your celebrity status or beauty. And you actually believe that. You want more money, more things, more beauty. Folks it's an illusion, a system that the elite, the banks, have created to sustain control over you and make themselves wealthy. You all work for them.

Your political system has one objective and that is to acquire more wealth and have full control over you. They already know everything about you. You leave a trail of everything you do daily. In return they have devised a system in which they decide just how much of this wealth they are going to share with you through investments, job opportunities. They have enslaved you and used you, manipulated you into thinking you are in control but they are the ones who decide everything.

They decide what history you will learn in school or college. The story you get depends on the one doing the writing. If Hitler had written your history book, history would be different.

They decide what education you will receive to fill the number of jobs that is required. They do not teach more than you need to know. If you examine job positions in a company, the junior clerk is allowed to know just enough to do that job, no more. And this continues all the way up to the CEO who is only allowed information that pertains just to his job description. The same for bank managers who report to the secret government. The less you know the better the control.

Our political process is set up so that those people you elect are those of the wealthy, members of the elite class. Can the average person pay the 100 thousand dollars needed to be eligible? I think not. Most candidates have a net worth of least 20 million and are affiliated with most corporations, banks, unions, members of the elite, secret government. So it doesn't matter if you vote Republican or Democratic they all come from the same source. Half of the senate and the congress are from the same clan. That is why nothing has changed. And nothing will change until you change your focus.

As consumers you are smart and aware of global problems. Together you can find the solutions to any problems facing your planet. You have been sold the illusion that terrorism is escalating and you need to improve security, need to go to war. These are all lies to enslave you.

Wake up folks. Peace is not negotiated with war or aggression. The right to wear arms does not create peace in your homeland either. Well it won't matter in a couple of decades anyway because the planet will be so depleted of its resources and polluted it won't have a chance of recovery. It's your choice: you decide how your future is going to play out.

In Love and Light, I AM.

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 12:12 PM

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Spot on m8

I live in England... but all what you say applies here to...

I think that this system was set up a long time ago and that its been a gradual process of brainwashing the masses... Once the elite realised that if you keep people enslaved, with chains around their necks, they will fight to break free... they had to devise a new way to enslave us... We now have this very intricate method of enslavement where most dont even realise we are slaves... Instead of iron chains they now use gold chains and the elite laugh as we enslave ourselves... The conditions are better but philosophy is the same. The few sit and watch the masses, under their control, running around like little worker ants...

The methods of brainwashing include education, media and fear.

Some people are so brainwashed and so in love with the rewards they get (for being good little worker ants) that they actually love the oppressors... Almost like a mass Stockholm Syndrome...

I honestly don't have the answers for this problem on a world wide scale... but on a personal level myself and my family are in the process of breaking free from the system while we still can.

But, i honestly believe, that the day we stopped being hunter gatherers living in small communities we lost a chunk of our freedom...

Im sure there will be a few who read this thread feeling angry... thinking that we live in a great society where we have a higher standard of living than ever before... TV's, DVD's, Plasma screens etc... But, and this is just my opinion, i think they are nothing but the tools of our oppressors... designed to divert our attention from the truth. Designed to over complicate our lives and prevent us from the simple pleasure of true freedom.

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 02:36 PM
You made some nice points, but the question still is what are you going to do about it?

Money rules the world and it looks like it always will.
It is either adapt or live on the edge of society.

So you think that jumping up and down in Davos at the police blockade is going to change anything you are wrong. The only way to change something is to amass enough money to create something with impact and truly influence the policy that is made. The reason for your outrage is nobody cares about your opinion when decisions are made. And if you get a better understanding of the inner working of the government you will probably find it even worse than you ever could imaging. People who are wasteful, incompetent and narrow minded are the ones that get promoted. I too feel the outrage and know that the only way to have actual power is to have the money and connections.

Do you realize that if you have 500.000 euros in the bank, you can live of the interest? Do you realize that the interest increases as you put more money into it? And you start getting more options and offers as your money increases?

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 01:45 AM
Money has been put into circulation artificially for the specific purpose of enslavement. How perfect.

Its not rocket science people, 1+1=2. You said it best, money controls the world. So it only falls naturally, that whoever controls the money, controls the world. 1+1=2.

They have created a system where you need to be apart of the system to earn the money, to get the basic materials that would allow you to exist. My, we are slaves, hook line and sinker.

I wouldnt call it slaves, more as I would call it the mice in the maze. We, as mice (no pun intended, just follow plz) are in the maze called this system. We as mice believe we are free to go which way we want, we can turn this way or that way. But, also as mice, we usually fail to realize that we are operating in a maze, a maze of very limited potential.

How we are gonna change this is to take back our power, stop holding the system up, cuz we do that everyday! We do that everytime we get up and go to work! It will take an act of God to wake everyone up in time, but ahh never lose faith in the Creator...

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 11:05 PM
No one can take advantage of you without your permission. These things are happening to you because you allow them to happen. Be a more careful consumer, move quickly take advantage of opportunities, and be observant of things around you and you will fare far better in life.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own successes and failures. Blaming government or elites or others is ignorance and cowardice.

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