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A theory sort of...

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posted on Feb, 17 2007 @ 12:44 PM
If life on other planets is visiting us, surely they are visiting other planets with life on them. Are these Extraterrestrials greeted with secrecy and cover up when the go to planets other than ours or their own.

Why did we not greet these E.T's with more openess? Wouldn't all of mankind benefit in some sort of way.

This recently came up in a discussion amongst my friends, and my answer was - Orson Wells.

I feel Wells created such a hysteria with his War of the Worlds broadcast, that when we first presumeably detected alien visitation in the 1940's they didn't want another scare.

I also brought up the point of when we first started to sail across the oceans and step foot on foreign soils, Western man back then Spaniards and English (who eventually conquered the Americas), weren't the friendliest people going. We slaughtered and stole lands, gold, etc. and were very just not very nice. So it is inherent that when someone shows up on our doorstep/planet they are here for no good.

Just a thought...


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