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CIA / Italy Case involved torture?

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 09:19 PM
Italy orders CIA kidnapping trial

Way back when this story originally broke, I had posted that the CIA would never be held accountable for the transporting of suspects through Italy. And from what I understood at the time rightly so...sometimes things have to be done the way they have to be done...

In realizing their Jobs are highly dangerous, I would imagine that a CIA officers death in the line of duty goes un noticed by the average joe public in terms of their dedication to their job.

However...something caught my eye that I was not aware of in this case..
I pray it is not true.

"During rendition, people suspected of involvement in terror activities are taken from one country and flown to another, where many claim they are tortured. "

Is their any credibility to this..and if so..this is something that as an American seems pretty outrageous. I do understand that these men they are apprehending are barbaric..and their acts that they plot are atrocious, but Torture? Is their another way? Drugs maybe? Fatigue? Psychology?

Help me out I way off? Kidnapping a terrorist Im ok with. Torture no. Truth Serum yes...right to trial..yes. Someone who knows about this world..I would welcome your insight into this otherwise obscure world and why perhaps it needs to operate as it does.

Let there be Peace

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