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Voice of the Iraqis about 911 (a.k.a. News that you won't find on CNN)

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 05:34 PM
I've found a video, that I believe it would worth to watch, everyone should hear the other side about the Iraqi war. Is it the truth or not, you decide.

But if it's true, here are all the answers for 911 in one doze from those ones, whose are under U.S. occupation. It's telling everything about the media lies, about what the U.S. and it's allies really do there. At least it's not censored as CNN, BBC and the others.

I took up the first video to youtube.

And I also found it's second part, loaded to youtube by someone else.

P.S.: Please comment it here or on youtube. I'd like to hear your opinion about these videos. If you believe these videos are telling the truth, please share them with others.

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