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my ufo sighting experiance

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 03:13 PM
here is my ufo sighting experiance. I was 16 and at my friends house down the street in the small neighborhood i lived in. there were 3 of my other friends there and we did what we usually did on friday nights, played video games till 5 in the morning. well at about 3 am i and my friend say a very large disc slowly moving down the neighborhood below us(his window overlooked most of the neighborhoods). it scared the hell out of him and i immediatly grabbed my friend to the right of me enthralled in the game we were playing and grabbed his head and turned it to see out the window. i wanted to make sure i wasnt crazy and seeing things, he saw it to then the other guys did because at that time the guy who saw it with me was freaking out. he ran down the stairs woke up his mom and was screaming to call the cops. i dont know what the cops would be able to do but she did it anyway. she came up stairs saw the ufo to then ran back down the stairs to get her duaghter. at this time all of my buddys save one who was in the closet were at the window stareing at the ufo. the ufo was a round disc and was dark red, but it wasnt like the color red on the hual but it was like it was completly covered in a colorful red gas. it was like seeing dry ice but red and transparent so you could see the hual, there were also underneath 3 red light lights that you could see seperated in a triangle position. it was just slowling moving above the houses about 50 feet above the ground and about 200 feet from where we were looking. then out of nowhere there was a first skyblue then a darkblue flash of light then it disapeared into what seemed like a blackhole, it lookd like it opened up a portal. when we saw this we all started screaming, "OMG WHAT THE # WAS THAT". it was amazing and im glad i got to see one becuase you never know i may never see one again. well that is my experiance and im not lieing and when i tell people about it they tell me that it was prolly a plane then they ask me if i was smoking weed or on drugs, ive never done drugs and i wasnt drinking.

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 03:18 PM
good for you, its always been my dream to see a ufo not so much an alien though that would scare the poo out of me

posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by nightsescape
here is my ufo sighting experiance. I was 16 and at my friends house down the street in the small neighborhood

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OK, this could help if you would provide some details.

  • Are you able to provide the exact date, time and location?
  • Are any of the other witnesses willing to come forward and collaborate this account? They don't have to do so in a public forum, but if they could provide some verifiable details to a reputable investigator that would help to establish the story.
  • What about the object or its behavior convinces you that it could not have been a hoax?
  • I had a hard time making my way through the punctuation thicket, but I'm not clear what the size of the object was. How large was it compared to the houses it was flying over?

posted on Feb, 17 2007 @ 07:05 PM

WRONG QUESTOINS. The "stuff" does NOT matter. The PEOPLE matter.

Tell us about what happened LATER that night?

What happened at 3am?

Are you Irish, Celtic, or Native American in genetic descent?

There is a list of questions on a few different threads that I've left... YOU might wanna go check them out.

The UFO doesn't matter... what matters is what they did with you that nite.


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