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We are a space mission from another planet

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 02:19 PM
We send litle robots, radars, satelites, drones, telescopes in outerspace to collect information. This is great since now we can get information from what is really out there. Now we are seeing reports of places like NORAD collecting data of objects coming in and out of our atmosphere.

Does this not sound something like what our stuff is doing to other places. doing fly bys and going in and out of places collecting data. Maybe they are not flown by creatures cause they are of other being's versionis not of a satelite\telescope\radar\drone and they have collected data from us.

Do we want them to collect data from us when we don't even know if there are beings that exist that can collect data from us? Silly sentance i know, it is a half joke. Since we don't know for fact that they exist, or it is not general knowledge. (not to mine at least). But now there are objects that could be theirs?

We have done something sent out a tape recording of earthly events and quotes and history, like a ship carrying earth's history, except this one does not have a baby inside it. (superman reference #18182727837634734738905794874597845897458745894)

Anyone have anything on what we can do to look good for their images. are there control rooms with some E.T looking at pictures of milky way galaxies and wondering if this blue planet could hold life?

And if they are sending a messgae wouldnt it get lost in translation?

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