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Please I need help finding answers

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 02:49 AM
I know how skeptical everyone is here and I hate to be so vague I will offer more if you are interested, over a period of 1 week the end of September 1997 my family and I observed a series of events, we did not get pictures we were so certain it was military messing around at first and it was always at night.

We live 50 miles from the northern New Mexico boarder, rural, extreme south central Colorado, we are just over the pass from the San Luis Valley.

I want to ask if any of you have observed seemingly natural phenomena in conjunction with sightings of strange aircraft lights? For example Northern lights or falling stars, an unusual dense group of stars in the sky that should not be there I don’t know anything I guess that one would usually consider beyond the manipulation of man?

We could maybe dismiss the lights as possibly being military the natural phenomena is harder for us to explain. Amongst other things we saw that week were the most vivid northern lights. We have seen these only twice in 24 years. I have read that HAARP has something to do with northern lights either utilizing them or the northern lights are a by-product of the technology I’m not certain.

From my searches I have found that ARCO was instrumental in the start up of the HAARP project we have an ARCO CO2 drilling operation in the vicinity of our home. This is a very remote mountainous region very sparsely populated. People do not wander up to this facility as stories have circulated of hikers being over come and dying in pockets of CO2 that settles into low areas. I don’t know if this is true it sounds good to me and it does keep people away.

Maybe we witnessed early experimentation of HARRP technology at this remote facility?

We run a small town taxi company and service the rural areas. We didn’t want to sound crazy so we began casually asking our rural customers if they had noticed the military flying around at night. We found two other people who saw “something.” A woman sitting out on her patio one night and an 8 year old boy whose story was told to me by his mother who thought he was stupid or crazy until I mentioned the lights.

We are not crazy people. We were not looking for anything we were just enjoying our evenings out in the country on our porch with our kids. In fact it started out as fun we would make popcorn and go out on the porch after 9 pm and watch the lights. Things just started getting beyond our ability to explain. We don’t know what or who it was but they were being obvious. We are trying to find a reasonable explanation for what we witnessed. I have not come across anything like the natural phenomena we saw one night in particular anywhere.

Do you know if HAARP technology leaves any kind of visible scar in the night sky?

If any of you could think of anything it would be most appreciated.

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 10:18 PM
I'm really sorry to bump this old of a post, but this is my first post and can't use U2U yet. Morningglory I would like to hear more about your sighting in 1997. I grew up in southern Colorado and may have seen some of the things you described.

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 10:51 PM
Jesus is the answer my friend. Demons can kill the body but they can't kill the soul. Soon Jesus will return on the clouds and defeat for all of us.

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 10:55 PM
I would have to guess that in your neck of the woods, for lack of better way to put it, you are more then likely seeing things people would call you crazy for. Harp I have no idea, not my forte', but if you have seen something enough to really scratch your head and wonder, I think you have your answer.... Now the question is, what is it really? Why have you not tried to video it or get some photos? Set up a tripod? If you go out to watch the show as a family adventure, this should be pretty easy to do as well yes? You make it seem like they are there all the time...
ATS no video, no picture, it didnt happen...get that camera going my friend

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 11:03 PM
In 1997 HAARP had only a very small transmitter capable of producing 360kW of radiated power. It could not have produced a display in the sky over Colorado then and it cannot do it now, with it's full capacity. It can only affect a region of the ionosphere above Gakona, Alaska. Under certain conditions barely visible airglow effects have been observed.

posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 11:39 AM
I thank you all for responding to this old thread. Any input is appreciated.

In 97 we didn't have a pc. The only camera we had was the one-time-use disposable types. No camcorder either I'm afraid. Even if we had pictures who could we have turned to back then? It was much later that I found ATS.

We live within the LaVeta MOA we frequently see military aircraft. They make constant nightly passes in a routine pattern. Typically flying east/west then return and do this repeatedly for most of the night. I think they are just racking up air time Idk.

That week was not the usual routine nor the usual aircraft. There were too many all over the place and much lower. We do see very low aircraft but it's mostly helicopters or really large bomber-type planes. We've had jets right over our house. One apache was so low I could see the pilot. All these aircraft are very loud. The jets are crazy loud it use to scare the kids when they were little. That night was completely quiet. We heard no engine noise.

I also saw strange land based lights near the top of a mountain we see everyday. We've been to the top there's nothing there, no towers/homes nothing. The light was amber and gyroscopic shaped it looked like it was sitting right on top of the mountain. Because of light pollution to the north we can see the outline of the mountains even at night. Something was going on with the military and I suspect ARCO. The facility is locked down tight and very remote. Because of the CO2 no one gets in without good reason.

We knew what we were seeing was odd but we didn't know the full extent of the type of aircraft being tested down here. It was just another night of sky watching until I flashed my high powered flash light at some of the lights. Instantly a row of large amber colored lights appeared directly above our house. These lights were larger and very different than the smaller pin point white lights we had seen dancing around. They seemed to appear in response to my flashlight. I didn't like being targeted in that way. It was creepy and it scared the kids and me too. We got the hell out.

You know we get use to the jets with their loud noise but we feel it's vital that these guys train. They took it too far that night. I was angry but who do you go to for answers from the military? Who do I complain to? We've had trouble down here with jets targeting cars on the highway. The low fly overs were giving some old guys heart palpitations while driving so they stopped doing that. They still target houses though.

Along with the strange aircraft lights we saw a fantastic display of northern lights, a very low and large silvery meteor and a bright oval patch of highlighted stars that looked like glitter. It shouldn't have been there. It rivaled the milky way in intensity. It was just too much of a coincidence for all this to be happening one strange thing after another. I believe it was all tied together. Imo something powerful was being tested to effect the night sky in such an unusual way.

Frankly I don't think we'll ever know what they were doing. We're still out most nights even in winter, we haven't seen anything like it since. We've lived out here a long time. We've seen meteor showers fall like rain. I remember seeing Haley's comet hanging in our clear beautiful sky. We are remote and at altitude we have an amazing view. It's a great place to test things you might not want a bunch of people seeing. Noting but cattle and ranchers down here.... both go to bed at sundown.

posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 09:40 PM
Wow thats an awesome story. I wish stuff like that happened to me...well not really.

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