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Lovely Conversation with a BOT

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posted on Dec, 18 2003 @ 08:03 PM
Gabriel8C: Hey! It's Brigit. My livecam is starting in 20 minutes, so click
here to watch me live and chat with me. Also, the membership is free, and
after you're done watching mine, you can watch 70,000 other guys and gals!

Dennis Deboise: Do I have to?

Dennis Deboise: I mean, what if I don't like you?

Dennis Deboise: What if I think you're ugly and no fun to chat with, and
the same with your 70,000 friends?

Dennis Deboise: Hey, are you there, Brigit?

Dennis Deboise: I thought you wanted to chat with me!

Dennis Deboise: Well, I was right, I DON'T like you. You're not friendly
at all.

Dennis Deboise: I mean, a person who REALLY wanted me to be her 70,001
friend would have the social skills to answer!

Dennis Deboise: Hey, if I set up a live webcam, could I send out
invitations for people to watch me sing "Oklahoma" in the nude while I smother a
piece of bread with mayo and mustard?

Dennis Deboise: I think it'd be a broadway hit!

Dennis Deboise: Everyone would think I was cool, and they'd forget you
because you're dingy and you don't even answer the people you send invitations

Dennis Deboise: And your 70,000 friends would be MY 70,000 friends!

Dennis Deboise: What do you think?

Dennis Deboise: Brigit?

Dennis Deboise: Are you there?

Dennis Deboise: Heeeellllooooo?

Dennis Deboise: It's been two minutes since you sent me the IM. Are you

Dennis Deboise: Why won't you talk to me, Brigit?!? I thought we were
going to be friends! I WANT to be your friend, but it's like you have this wall
up! Please answer me, Brigit, it's so lonely without you... I long to see your
face again, to hear your sweet laugh. Don't you miss me?

Dennis Deboise: Brigit, it's been a week since you returned my calls.
I'm worried about your hair, Brigit. Every time I call your mother says you're
washing it. What do you DO on those livecams, anyway? Whatever it is, I'm
really worried. Have you tried wearing a shower cap?

Dennis Deboise: Listen, Brig. I don't think this is working out for us.
You're so uncommunicative, I swear I feel like I'm typing to a corpse. .......
You're not dead, are you Brigit? I haven't tried calling your house since
your mom threatened to have your brother cut my balls off.

Dennis Deboise: Whew! I just called every morgue in the USofA and no one
had anyone who fit your description! A pretty girl wearing a shower cap with
the smile of a person who has 70,000 friends. Thank GOD you're not dead! I
don't know what I'd do without you, Brigit... I... I think I love you. Listen,
now that I know you're alive, do you ever want to hook up again? I know that
you're the quiet type, but I can talk enough for the both of us!

Dennis Deboise: I'm getting angry with you, Brig. I poured my heart out
to you. I even told you about my Captain America fetish! You cold hearted
little witch, all you ever do is sit there with your webcam! What about MY
needs?!? You and all of your seventy-thousand friends act like I don't even exist!
I'm sick of this, Brigit, I don't want to be your friend anymore. I hate you! I
think you suck great big sweaty sumo wrestler butt cheeks!

Dennis Deboise: I'm sorry, Brigit. I went to a doctor and he told me I
have a strange mix of psychological issues. He says that I'm bi-polar,
obsessive compulsive and there's a possibility that my fear of being alone could lead
me to hunt down and kill the woman I love. What does he know, anyway?

Dennis Deboise: ...Brigit... I love you.

posted on Dec, 18 2003 @ 08:16 PM
Nice job!

Have you gotten the ones that actually seem to 'talk' back? They look for keywords and prattle some nonsense back 'kinda' sorta like you asked?

And they NEVER stop talking?

Also talk to AOL Santa Claus link sometime: HO HO HO

It's a hoot. "Santa doesn't know that word little boy"

posted on Dec, 20 2003 @ 07:01 AM
LOl, I talked to a bot online once but it actually talked back.

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