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Is the Roman Catholic Church out of touch with reality?

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posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 11:57 AM
Has the Church lost it's relevance in the 21st century?

Cardinal Renato Martino, the head of the Justice and Peace Department of the RC Church recently published statements about the capture of Saddam Hussein. At best it was banal rhetoric about inhuman treatment and references of Saddam being treated like a farm animal. At it's worst it was a hackneyed attempt at expressing displeasure at the way the world works today.

Is his emminence not with it? Has he no clue? Doesn't the Catholic church censor these guys before they open their mouths and sound like 18th century hacks?

The Catholic Church is in desperate need of a reality injection of it's own relevance in the 21st century. The time when the Church ran the Western world are over.

when Morality is your game, perhaps you should stay out of world politics.


posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 01:10 PM
Lost it's touch with reality??? Noooooooooo never!

Spread the word
Put on a good show
:bnghd: Defy scientific fact
Worship your guilt


posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 02:29 PM
Is there anything wrong in what they said?
Showing as they check teeth of dirty man is pretty inhuman and even shocking because it is Saddam Hussein.
Definitely step towards primitivism for human kind.
Edit: err yeah primitivism..

[Edited on 17-12-2003 by Megaquad]

posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 05:53 PM
Yeah, we've got to avoid that "privitivism", don't we!

I agree. It seems that every time the church makes some sort of decree, they're really saying nothing but "Please don't ignore us! We're still relevant!!" There are a thousand other issues the church should be addressing - such as AIDS in 3rd world countries, birth control, sex-scandals in the US, etc - but these aren't big enough news, apparently.

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