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Rendlesham/SciFi Channel

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posted on Dec, 12 2003 @ 09:50 PM
If you have not seen this make a note to catch the broadcast.
My hat is off to Bryant Gumball and the former personnel involved, and he appears very interested in this sequel, more so than he was at Kecksburg.
Truth always prevails...we cannot be kept from the TRUTH much longer- all the lies are coming to a head.
Disclosure is eminent, and I believe this will occur in our lifetime.
How can a skeptic not believe that there is information being withheld? There is too much evidence.
Damn, the OSI drugging witnesses- George Bush senior staing, on the record, when asked if he knew of ufo's, said " You do'nt know the half of it." pay careful attention to Jim Peniston in this show.
I wander about the interest from the alien crafts, is it just nuclear weapons stored there at the base?
This show will place much pressure on the ones that do know.

[Edited on 12-12-2003 by Journey]

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