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Children of Men - Socialist Propaganda ?

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posted on Jan, 7 2007 @ 01:07 AM
Just saw the movie "Children of Men" and here's my 2c - warning - may contain spoilers.

This was a typical piece of British socialist propaganda which portrays the UK of the future (and the rest of the World presumably) as being an ultra right wing fascist state, having gone in that direction because of a Worldwide infertility pandemic.

The big theme was the forced deportation of illegal immigrants, and their ultimate rebellion in the prison town of Bexhill (read Warsaw Uprising).

As usual in UK films, the army were the bad guys, along with some terrorists who gathered at a remote farmhouse with the supportof the resident farmer(British socialists hate country folk), and the saviors were long haired hippies (Michael Cain) who grew weed, used solar energy, made vegetable stir fry and cracked "fart" jokes while under threat of execution. The "terrorists" were all UK nationals, while the Muslims were portrayed as honorable freedom fighters chanting "Allah u akbar" as they valiantly fought for their lives in the Bexhill slum.

The pregnant heroine was of course a black illegal immigrant.

This piece of garbage followed on nicely from the similar (but enjoyable) V for Vendetta which is all hugely ironic, as the UK is now a full member of the Eurotrash Socialist Crackpot club, and yet is still so nervous about the prospect of the Conservatives getting back into office that they feel it necessary to churn out movies like "Children".

Incredibly they didn't find some way of blaming it all on the USA - the only genuinely shocking thing about the whole sad saga.

posted on Feb, 27 2016 @ 01:01 AM
a reply to: Retseh

Bumping up a nearly 10 year old thread!

I dont agree with your review of the movie, personally i loved it. But thats not why im bumping this thread up.

If you are still on these forums, or anyone else that has seen this movie.... how do you feel about this movie now? In relation to everything thats going on with the "refugee crisis". The infertility story aside i belive children of men is showing us what we can expect now and in the very near future.


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