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posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 05:40 AM

I understand your fury
will overshadow the truth
The latest casualty printed casually
smeared with spilt champaigne

Leader wont you lead us
into a mothers arms
separated by TNT
sending American Hellfire
or British Brimstone
from a Jewish/American Indian Helicopter
ignited to travel
following a laser reflection

to place a fathers arms a distance from his torso
to send another son screaming to your church
to trigger a belt laced with hellfire and brimstone
to send ball bearings and nails flying for bone
to lead your leader to lead you
to separate another mothers arms
and leave the bigots laughing

Only the brave are content with weeping
Only the brave keep their hands in their pockets
to shame a coward killers mother

Copyright 2002 Chris Gee

[Edited on 9-12-2003 by Bagoose]

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