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posted on Dec, 7 2003 @ 05:26 PM
Alright this is a theory that me and my Dad were brainstorming about. If we are right it would be the perfect way to get aroudn and would replace cars. here it goes:

Imagine every road in the World be upgraded 2 have tracks built in. Imagine a car that doesnt have to be steered, have an engine, a transmission, gas, or any other expesnive part on it besides a place to sit and an air conditioner.Imagine all this on a computer in your car. Once you get in your car you right in your destination. It already knows where there is construction work. It wouldnt need to know were car wrecks are because it would be impossible to get in a car wreck. That would be possible by sealing all the doors in the car once everyone is insiode. Once everyone is inside you can have way more space to yourself because you wouldnt need seats or anything else to focus aorund th steering.the car would be bigger because you could afford more matgerial on space because you wouldnt need parts as i said above. You would never get lost because that computer in your car would have a built in map of where you were goign and all the pissible routes on how to get there. And since there werent beign steered they would be able to go at speeds far greater then now. I dont no the exacts but it would be alot more. Then you might ask how do you go so fast without gas. All the cars are on a track, the track is on gears that are being spun by a belt, that belt is being powered by gas.But part of it would be powered by a river adn the other part would be done by gass. But it wouldt be payed 4 by people who used it, it would be payed 4 by the goverment. But it would still bienifit both partys.


this will never happen because of investment purposes and because ov those greedy gas stations. Almost every gas station in the world would go out of buisness
d almost every hotel would because you wouldnt need to stop on long trips because your car would be big enough to sleep in.

I think ive gone over most of our ideas. but just think of the possibilities; you get up early to go to work, its abotu an hour comute. You type in your destination from the garage. The computer instantally caculates the quickest route. He sleeps for an hour and arrives in half the time if he wouuld have got stuck in mornung traffic.No more traffic Jams, no more drunk drivers, and no more pullution. the biggest downfall would be the investment cost and the cost for gas. Even though there our downsides, in the long run we would save so much more.

I know i kind of explained it in a big mush but try to imagaine it. I think i left out some parts so there might be some addons after this post.Also if you see some flaws in my theory please pont it out.

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