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Fun Party Trick or Is It?

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posted on Dec, 5 2003 @ 05:35 PM
In an effort to have something fun for a Christmas party this weekend I have reached deep into my bag of tricks. This one actually comes by way of a physics professor at the University of British Columbia who gave a demo. Predict how many children someone will have. He didn't explain it saying you can't. It just seems to work.

I watched a demonstration and then have done this countless times. Believe if you wish, but I have seen the results. Guaranteed to amaze and astound.

Get a necklace (gold link pref) and a ring (gold no stone pref) and thread the ring onto the chain. Take the end of the chain so the ring hangs down, like a locket.

Get a volunteer and have them hold out their hand, fingers splayed open, palm down. Swing the chain so that about the middle of the chain touches the web between the fingers and then will swing back out. As it comes out, move to the next in a smooth fashion, swing in - out, swing in - out.

The order is:
between the thumb and index
index and middle
middle and next (lol)
next and pinkie

Then reverse it and go back the same way. When you finish with the swing inbetween the index and thumb, lift the chain so the ring is (swinging) about 1-inch above the back of the hand. Just to clarify, you start between the thumb and index, go all through and then back swinging in and out.

The ring will swing in one of 2 ways. It will form a line swing or a circular swing. This is the "prediction" part of the fun.

Line = boy
Circle = girl

They will be in order and when nothing is left, the ring will simply stop.

As I said, I have done this numerous times all with complete (to my knowledge) accuracy. I will say in my case, it stated I would have 2 daughters. Some years back I had one but then divorce ended the prophecy. Funny how now, I have a new fiance (who looks just like Scully - LOL) bringing her own daughter to my life. Hmmm...guess that makes two. Strange but true.

I have seen women cry after predicting things like son-daughter-daughter. Why are you crying? I gave a son up for adoption when I was 18...

It seems to predict in order always and when it is done...the swinging ring will stop dead (see for yourself) over the hand. It can be swinging in a circle and then goes straight to a line.

So, this holiday...amaze your friends and try it for yourself. Post your thoughts and experiments here when you are done.

posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 02:22 PM
actually that is an old Indian tradition done with a simple needle and thread, however it is only done on pregnant women.

it's pretty accurate!

forgot to mention, we only do it to determine the sex of the unborn child not to predict how many children they will or will not have.

[Edited on 1-20-2004 by worldwatcher]

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