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West Ham United: Dream team...

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 02:50 PM
We all do it, so heres my all time favourite west ham side


G. Johnson R. Ferdinand Moore Dicks

Sinclair? Lampard Cole Etherington

Cottee Mc.Avenie

Subs: Defoe Hurst Devonshire Kanoute
Miklosko A. Ferdinand Carrick Di Canio Lampard snr Brooking Bonds Potts


posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 01:39 PM
So many players to choose from...

I'll have a good think about it before i reveal my team.

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 03:35 PM
hope you remember about Harston


posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 01:25 PM
Ok after alot of thought heres what i came up with, maybe not the best but my favourites that i was lucky to see play..

Phil Parkes

Julian Dicks Bobby Moore Alvin Martin Ray Stewart

Alan Devonshire Frank Lampard Jnr Billy Bonds Trevor Brooking

Paulo DiCanio Tony Cottee

Subs.... Rio Ferdinand, Stuart Pearce, Martin Peters,
Geoff Hurst, Frank McAvennie, Liam Brady, Ian Wright,
David James, Paul Ince, Frank Lampard Snr and many many more....

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 01:30 PM
Nice team, who do you support the most as I see your on alot of other forums, are you a all round sportsman, is there any specific team you support, if your not a west ham fan then you have alot of knowledge, I'll give you that.


posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 01:55 PM
West Ham fan bud for 32 years, ever since i went to my first game when i was 4yrs old... Was lucky enough to have a write up on me in the West Ham program when i was about 12.. 'A promising Midfielder' it said among alot of other things
.. My Great Uncle played for West Ham in the 50's and one of my Grandads relations (not 100% sure off the top of my head which) played in the 20's for West Ham and England... I was born just down the road from the West Ham ground and have lived in East London most of my life....

I never missed a game at home for 10 seasons during the 80's and went to alot of the away games. I went to the 75, 80 Cup Finals ect ect...

Come on you IRONS!!!

As for posting on other teams, well i just like football period..

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:05 PM
The only football relative in my family was my dad, & I'm proud of him just for playing with Tony Cotte in the youth squad when he was 15. I didn't believe him at first but now there is evidence. He brought me up to play for the hammers but I've never been given trials. I played for Plymouth Argyle u16s but thats all, It would be a dream come true to even play in the reserves but I think it's too late now. My mate got trials for Chelsea last year & even got offered a contract. But his family would have had to sacrafice moving to London & it he said it wasn't worth it as he'd never play. I've thought ever since, if he can get offered a contract, why cant I even get trials for west ham but I guess it's down to luck. Also I've never seen west ham lose a game home or away when I go up & I dont want to ruin that so from now on I'm gonna watch em play crap sides unless it's an important game like the cup final


posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:14 PM
If you live in London or Essex, just go down the training ground, march up to Pardew and demand a trial!! He aint going to say F.. Off is he now.. You never know you just might get that chance if your good enough..

On a side note, Leyton Orient are looking for players all the time and so i have heard its open trials for them, you just turn up. That could get you a foot in the door in the football scene...

On a serious note, West Ham is my life, my team, my idols... Ive seen the ups and downs over the years and i can safely say the way Pardew is leading the team, things look like we will go forward. The board has finally realised there is big money to be had and its not by selling players, its by success. On our performances this season, we dont have many teams to fear in the Prem, but Pardew will have to strengthen the team big style in the summer and bring in 2 or 3 quality players as the squad is a little bit on the light side. If we pick up a few keys injuries we will struggle a bit but the spirit and commitkent by the players is something i havnt seen in a West Ham team in a long time...

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:25 PM
U know I just may do that, I'll see if I can contact anyone at the club first & I'll see if I can get involved while I'm still young or I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Cheers anyway:sport-smiley-019:


posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:29 PM
I would while you are still young enough, you'll always have that nagging doubt in the back of your mind...Could i have been good enough... If only i did this... Why didn't i listen to TRD... It could be something you regret not doing for the rest of your life..

Oh and yeah, if you make it... I'm your agent and you'll owe me 20k for advice so far...

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:38 PM
I'll be sure to mention your name

What really annoys me is when u see players on what they r & blaze it miles over the bar or wide. I cant stand it, I always think I could shoot better than that at the age of 12 & u see world class rated players waste oportunities like that. I played right back for a whole season once & hit the target with every shot I had in that season & scored 8, we also had the best defence in the league but I hated defending & prefer winning games for the side rather than loosing it for them. I hate the pressure of defence & could never be a centre half. I prefer a free midfield role & try to play like Joe Cole & Ronaldihnio, much easier wouldn't u agree


posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:52 PM

A midfielder can 'lose' themselves in a game and no one takes much notice and all it takes is one great pass, one magical moment and the ball is in the back of the net. For just that one brief moment of genius they could end up man of the match, the game winner, a hero if it was a cup final, even if they did nothing for the rest of the game. But a defender has to have full concentration at all times and is well in the spotlight, look what happened to Sol Campbell in the West Ham v Arsenal game and many defenders before him have suffered the same fate. As you said, its a pressure position and one i wouldnt like to play in.

You got the right attitude, you want the glory role, hero or villian people will remember you name playing in the midfield.. No one will be forgetting Ronaldinhio for along time or even for the 'villian' reason Robbie Savage.

Thats one i dont understand either, how they miss from 3 yrds out or even closer, shoot and make a hash of it when they could have layed the ball off. Look at Harewood, he has a touch like an elephant but at least he knows where the goal is. Some players need to go back to basics and play the simple ball. Look at Ronaldinhio against Chelsea the other day, he never did his full array of tricks, twists and turns. Alot of the time he played the simple ball to great effect, thats the sign of a great player.

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