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Arsenal: Sol leaves, whos coming in?

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:46 AM
Hmm...... Sol Campbell has left Arsenal and this leaves them mega short at the back. The only centre backs they have are Cygan
Senderos and Toure

I think its fair to say Senderos and Toure will be the preferred pairing but you would think with another defender leaving they will be signing someone.

Signing Rosiscky was a great signing, hes way better than Pires and i heard they are interested in Ribory who was in the France team. But surely defence must be top priority.

Looking at it....... Lehmann has proved he is really good, they have good full backs, a good midfield and with Henry they have just about the best striker in the world.

Big Sol is a good defender, and with the possible clear outs in Italy maybe Wenger is going to try snap up a big name defender from there.

Has there been any names mentioned?

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