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Boxing: The Next Generation or Bust? Harrison, Guinn, Rahman and Peter

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 07:11 PM

Let's face reality. The current crop of heavyweights sucks! We are exhausted with Tyson, in fear that Holyfield is going to end up a vegetable, and any many ways feel relieved that Lennox retired. Byrd and Ruiz never put on good shows, Mesi is out and for that matter Vassiliy Jirov should follow him, and we have no confidence in McCline, Golota, Whitaker, or Kirk Johnson. Most don't think Danny Williams or Lamon Brewster will be remembered beyond tomorrow and by the way, who the hell is Nicolay Valuev?

Personally I don't think the next great heavyweight has even turned pro yet and won't until after the 2008 Olympics but that is my personal stance on things. If those guys are in the past then who is in the future? Let's take a look at some of the REAL contenders by the numbers: Audley Harrison, Hasim Rahman, Dominick Guinn, and Samuel Peter. Let's start with youth.


[Edited on 2-9-2004 by Ocelot]

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